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How do I add a 'back' button?

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Quite simply I need to add a 'back' button in Qubert so that users can return to the previous page.I don't write code but am happy to copy and paste any code you may suggest to a wherever it needs to go. Many thanks

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Here's a good post on CSS-Tricks about adding a back button to a page.


As Chris points out, browsers have back buttons so this isn't necessary usually. But if you need to get it done, this code sample from the post will do the trick.

<input type="button" value="Go Back From Whence You Came!" onclick="history.back(-1)" />    

Developer Evangelist at Squarespace.

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I am also in need of a back button for each of my "pages" of my work. Please see this page as a referencehttp://www.yaochengdesign.com/art-prints/waves

I tried the code but I didn't know where to place it (header? footer?) since I need it in multiple places. Also, if I want to use my own image for the back button, where I do write that in the code?


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The code posted by foleyatwork is good. Here's some more information thought ...

If you're using an


tag remember that the


attribute will cause Safari and Firefox (and maybe Explorer, but who cares really) to load an empty page, or refresh the page which creates problems. In order to avoid that, remove the


attribute altogether, and instead use an inline style for the cursor for when you hover over it.

Here is the code similar to what foleyatwork posted above but without the button styling

<a onclick="window.history.go(-1);" style="cursor:pointer;" >GO BACK</a>

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I am looking for that too. More specifically, a BACK (to last page in the series) and NEXT (to next page in the series) like there is in the blog. I want to make it easy for the user to just click next, next, next without returning to the 'gallery' page. ideas?

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You can try out it easily. Yes its very easily. I have done it and you can also do.

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