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How to re-format bulleted lists to single spacing?


Hi, I'm looking to format bulleted lists so there's only single spacing. My theme is Henson, and while I understand that to create single spacing on a mac (shift + return) works for sentences, it doesn't do the same for any bulleted lists and instead removes the bullet. I need the ability to make a bulleted list with single spacing as well as the ability to create a hierarchy (bullets and sub-bullets.)

I'm a novice so if this requires custom code, I'll definitely need some guidance.

thank you!

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Hey @atthomas

If you add the following code into Design > Custom CSS you should get single spacing:

.sqs-block-content li {

 line-height: 1em;


the em value is a proportional value, so if you want more spacing you should go up in fairly low increments (same with going down) for example 0.4 would probably overlap each other on mobile.

Hope that helps!

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You can just press Option + 8 (on a mac). I believe you press Alt +0149 if you're using Windows.

Don't press the "+" key, just press Option, keep it pressed while you press 8, then release (likewise for windows).

I found this info by searching google for 'keyboard shortcuts to insert a bullet point' after seeing the best answer was using css, that isn't as simple as it seems for some of us. I have a Mac and it worked perfectly (even after publishing). Single spaced with a bullet. Viola!

( @atthomas has probably already figured it out by now, but I hope this answer helps someone.)

Note to 'the powers that be': this shouldn't have taken me so much time to research a work-around. I should be able to format a paragraph to look however I want without having to add a css, html, etc.

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