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How do I change the background color of a single page using CSS?

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I'm trying to edit a single page's background color, rather than the entire site. To do this, I've been told you have to enter CSS code with a page specific ID, which is what I've done:

body collectionId-506c8e08e4b04376cb19938d {
  background: #black;
h1 {
  background-color: #00000;

All I want is for the page to be black instead of white. You'll notice the code includes the single page ID, but for some reason, it's not changing the color of background. Perhaps I've entered the wrong code? IDK. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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{ background: black; }


{ background: #000000; }

These all mean the same thing. The # symbol is a reference to hex notation for colours, so putting #black is gibberish to a computer. There are also others ways to choose colours such as rgb, rgba and hsla (the last 2 include alpha/transparency), but hex is the standard (and what i'd advise unless you need alpha).

Also, make sure the CSS selector is correct, you need to a # in front of collectionId, remove the space just after body and remove the "Id" from collectionId:

body#collection-506c8e08e4b04376cb19938d {...}

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Is it possible to change the canvas size using this method, on one specific page? I've tried this, but its not working for me. Thanks!

body#collection-5262ef42e4b070ba82437d3b {
 #canvas {
   max-width: 640px;
   margin: -20px auto;
   padding: 60px;

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This works for Flatiron:


Gallery Page background color: BLACK / #000000 Project Page background color: WHITE / #ffffff


Change the Background Color in Design > Style Editor to black (this affects all pages)

Paste the code (with your own page ID) into the CSS Editor and choose the color you would want for all your projects.


.collection-5742c49e356fb0ac05bc9b89 #navigator { background-color: #ffffff !important;


Hope this works

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