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How can I turn off auto scaling for images?

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Hello all,

Can anyone tell me what CSS code would turn off auto scaling for images within gallery blocks?

According to support the template I am using does not support such a feature and would require CSS. I am willing and (relatively) able to experiment with CSS but am in the dark as to where to start.

My project width is scaled to 1500 which is great for my renders (I'm a computer games artist) but not so great to display my texture maps (some of which are 512 wide) as they stretch up to 1500.

I have forum/google searched to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.


edit 4/4/13- I have abandoned stacked and am now using slideshow. Images still auto-scale however. There does not seem to be a stable way to turn it off. Very disappointing that something so simple is out of our control. Boo (otherwise awesome) Squarespace!!

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This will keep them the original size:

.image-stack .image-wrapper img {
 width: auto;

You can also add a min-width to keep them from displaying too large:

.image-stack .image-wrapper img {
 width: auto;
 max-width: 100%;

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I'm Krystyn Heide, a designer and developer living in New York City.

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I have the same issue, all images are 720px wide in my galleries, and yesterday, no problem, I came back today however and they have all been scaled up and are now blurry. I added the css above, which worked a few days ago before rescaling the images, and still no luck??

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Something changed since the solution was posted, this is what works (somewhat) for me.

.sqs-gallery-design-stacked img { attributes }

I say somewhat because a large amount of white space is added beneath the gallery if you re-size the height, and I'm unsure how to fix that.

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I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place:

I need the titles of my gallery pictures to be visible, so I can't use the grid gallery.I can't have my gallery pictures auto scale, so I can't use the slideshow.

I'm still using my trial of Squarespace, and there's so much that I like, but without an adequate answer to this, I won't be giving them my business.

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Hi @Bumper, I made a video tutorial for you on how to Turn off Auto Scaling For Images. Hope this helps! https://www.askquesty.com/post/turn-off-auto-scaling-squarespace

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