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Connecting Squarespace form to HubSpot using HubSpot Forms API



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I'm also investigating this. Looks like I'll need to embed hubspot forms into my pages and not use Squarespace forms. You can style hubspot forms. It's less ideal, but it is a work around. You would only do this if you use the email marketing function in hubspot.

Or, if you just use hubspot for the free CRM, you can sign up for a Zapier account and zap from your mailchimp into hubspot and still use squarespace forms.

Heres the styling link for hubspot forms. https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/forms/how-do-i-change-the-color-of-a-form-submit-button

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correct this issue. Finally i get an idea from my friend.He advised me to contact with with his web developer friend that experts in squarespace. His article is very helpful for me and if you try it out i am sure it also suits your code. You can go through with this link :

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Hey there,

You should be able to just go into the hubspot form builder and hit the share button

Then click the tab for an embeddable version. You'll simply paste this into a code block back in Squarespace.

Beyond just this you should really link your Squarespace site by installing the Hubspot tracking code

I made a handy walkthrough here: https://www.pareto-design.com/hubspot-squarespace-integration

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Another workaround is to use Zapier to push your form data from SS to Hubspot. Technically, the data will still sit in SS but will be added to Hubspot. You can add a property to the resulting contacts that identifies which SS list the contact came from.

I realize this is probably to late to help now, but maybe someone in the future.

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