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How to auto reply to a users email?


How do I send an email, just an email (not a confirmation or a verification) after the customer clicks submit. It is like an auto reply to the users email.

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This isn't possible with Squarespace on its own, but you can achieve this with a couple of add-ons.

Get yourself a free Zapier account, and a Google/Gmail account.

In the settings for your Squarespace Form Block, send the entries to a Google sheet. Then fill in the form so that you have an example in the spreadsheet.

On the Zapier site you'll find some neat Gmail automations. Select the 'Send an Email via Gmail for Updated Spreadsheets'.

Run through the wizard and tell it to send an email when the email field changes. Tell it to send emails to the email field. Configure the subject and body of the email.

Whenever someone posts your form, a new email will be sent to them from the Gmail account.


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