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copy and paste rows / blocks within a page



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I couldn't find a feature request option but I contacted support with a link to this page and a screenshot of the repeated requests.

Maybe something will happen.

Why does it feel like this support forum is built in Wordpress though...

I'm not a robot.

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This is insane! You can't copy blocks!? I've been a Wix user for many years, and my peers kept telling me to try Squarespace... so I thought let's give this a go. When it wasn't immediately obvious how to copy blocks I was sure it was just me being stupid... but after Googling it, it appears this is a legitimate problem. It just didn't occur to me that a company as large as Squarespace wouldn't have the capability to copy blocks. (I'm sure it's actually very difficult, otherwise they would have implemented it).

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I just joined this week coming from Wix, Webflow, & recently Click Funnels and find it also very shocking that this feature is still missing (looking at the original post)  I am doing a website copy over and it is taking my much longer than it should.  Can we have an answer on when this feature will be added. 

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RIDICULOUS!!! My company just moved all of our sites to Squarespace and I was absolutely loving it. When I tried to duplicate a button I assumed I was just missing something obvious, then I found this thread.

So I can't duplicate, copy/paste, option-drag, right-click, nothing, no option to reuse a single element? Really? C'Mon! Thankfully our sites were already nicely built out for us, so not a big problem for me. However I was considering moving all of my other sites here because I'm absolutely done with managing a server and thought this would be better, but I guess I'm still stuck with WordPress. Lame! :(

Must be some major fundamental issue with their platform they they're stuck with and they just can't figure out a workaround? Who knows, but it's a showstopper for me.

I hope they notice how active this thread still is lately. Good luck Devs!

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I have sent Squarespace a request and linked to this thread. Let's see what they say...


In the meantime, there is a workaround. It is far from perfect, but it might help some people.

1) Insert a "Code block". As a first step you can leave it with just the default "Hello world".

2) Inspect the existing element (tool available at least in Chrome & Firefox when right-clicking on an element).

3) In the inspector, select the complete block you want to duplicate.

4) Right-click > copy Outer HTML

5) Paste in the Code block you inserted in step 1.


Any further modifications to the new blocks will have to be done by coding though...

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