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How to increase the 20 posts per page limit for blogs



Question: Is it possible to override the 20 posts per page limit for blogs?

alt text

There is a number of posts on this site discussing this question (e.g. under this question) and the consensus is that it is not possible. Yes, it is!

Using a web debugging proxy like Charles (you can use the trial version) or Fiddler, enable SSL debugging and set the Filter to SaveCollection, so that you can see the form submission in your debugging tool. Then hit the pen icon, change the two values 20 to 30 or so and submit. Done. Magic.

alt text



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this was insane :)

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@schmidjon - Sorry, I'm new to Charles. Can you specify how I actually find my site / modify within Charles? Just opening it and typing "SaveCollection" doesn't take me anywhere to make that pageSize edit.

If you could possibly show other screenshots walking through the process that'd be most appreciated!

Thank you!

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@schmidjon - Also looking for a starting point for this.

  • Downloaded Charles
  • Enabled SSL Proxy (didnt see an option for SSL Debugging)
  • Tried entering my page url, the backend squarespace url, etc.

Can you walk us through step by step?


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Did anyone figure out how to do this for 7.1? I'd ideally like to remove the limit or extend it to 60 rather than 30 per page


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