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Can someone help me change coding to get rid of decimal places in my pricing?



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Site URL: https://rocksforlife.com

Could anyone help me out removing two last zeroes from product price?
Example: 15,000.00 to 15,000 (so still keeping the comma in between)
The code I used (and which is not achieving my desired result):
<script>!function(){function reformatPrice(price){var priceClone=price.cloneNode(!0);function reformat(){priceClone.innerHTML=price.innerHTML;var target=priceClone.querySelector(".sqs-money-native")||priceClone,textNode=priceClone.querySelector(".sqs-money-native");target.textContent.length>1?target.textContent=format(target.textContent):textNode&&(textNode.textContent=format(textNode.textContent))}function format(text){return text.replace(",","").replace(/\.\d{2}/,"")}function watch(){var observer;new MutationObserver(reformat).observe(price,{childList:!0})}priceClone.classList.add("product-price-clone"),price.parentNode.insertBefore(priceClone,price.nextElementSibling),price.style.display="none",reformat(),watch()}ready(".product-price:not(.product-price-clone),.original-price:not(.product-price-clone)",reformatPrice)}();</script>
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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, ievavi said:

What if reformatting needs to be from 15,000.00 to 15,000 (so still keeping the comma in between) ?

Simply delete this from the code:


(see highlighted section below)



Edited by paul2009

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