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Squarespace and CRM

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Hi Squarespace -We are looking at the best solution for a new client website and I was wondering if it is easy to integrate a CRM system into a squarespace website. Can I add tracking codes to the pages - or in a footer? Can contact forms be integrated with a CRM? Do you currently recommend a particular CRM? We do not need a SalesForce type solution we are on a much smaller scale.Thank you!S

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I've been looking to an answer to this question as well. Does anyone have experience integrating squarespace with their CRM?

I need to be able to track leads, assign leads to a particular employee, etc.

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Hi All,

We can integrate your Squarespace with our CRM. It is pretty easy to do and our team can help you do this!

We can help you at: [https://www.salesmate.io]

Just email us and say you are looking to get integrated and our team will help you out for free.

Thanks,Brian P

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