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Mule Horse

change background color on specific index page


Does anyone know how to change the background color on a specific index page? I'm able to change the background color on the individual page using:

.collection-[id] #siteWrapper {
background-color:#ccc !important;

However, when viewing this page as part of an index, it defaults back to the original color. This is using the Hayden template.

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To start with this you will need to use the slug of the page in the Index you want to adjust as the id (after the #) will use the page slug.

For example, if your page slug was named home, you could use this code in the main custom CSS tab.

.collection-type-index #home {background:red}

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YASSS!!! Thank you so much! This post needs to be bumped up higher, and probably deserves a blog post or tutorial or something. Here's the code I used:

 .collection-type-index #who-we-serve {
 background-color: #e8eddb, !important;

@csmith333 How did you know to target .collection-type-index ? I don't remember seeing that anywhere when I was looking at the code using Google dev tools. Is there some super secret master list of all Squarespace selectors somewhere?

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