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Adding an additional layer of product filters

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Hi there!

My website is fertha-s.squarespace.com

My question is this:

Is there a way to add an additional layer of product information that can be used to further filter out products of a specific category... I.e. If I click +shop women > Dresses I'd like users to be able to refine by colour, size and price.

An example of what I mean can be found on the Ben Sherman website here - on the left hand side of the page.

Essentially it's a tickbox that will filter down based on those 3 criteria.

I've tried tagging products and then using the archive block BUT this method displays all results tagged with the colour blue (for example) rather than specifically blue dresses...

I'm stuck here and this feature is integral to the user journey.

Any help for ideas?


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I know it's possible to isolate a category via the URL, like this:


Or a tag, like this:


Is it possible to do both? The below isn't working:


I might not be separating the category and tag elements correctly (currently using a '?') - If I can suss this out, it may be a decent alternative IF I can't work out how to integrate an actual filter function.



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Turns out you can use an '&' to create multiple parameters, so it would look like this:


So this is a solution of sorts...

Still really interested to know if there's a check-box style filter method, if anyone can help?


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Hi RobI had a look at your store and you seem to have fixed this as you can apply filters to dress colour and size etc.

How did you do this? I am setting up a shop too and want to filter by brand and by age etc. I'd really appreciate help on how you resolved this. What you've done looks good. Well done

Thanks, Ian.

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Dear All,

I am also looking for filter options such as size /color/ price. Did any of you had a chance to implement it? I will be very happy if you can tell me how to do it so @Roppo @IanDesigner @kfjegede



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Hi @Roppo , I'm trying to figure this out currently and am totally stuck. How did you actually implement the tags in order to filter your products, and where? I'd like to see your site too (how is everyone finding it?) All I'm trying to do is get that third filter level without using a drop down in the main navigation.

Something like Shop -> Stationary & Office and then a filter for 'mouse pads' 'notebooks' and 'greeting cards'. I'd be ever so grateful to know, I've been battling this for hours with no progress...

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Hi Rob, I'm coming in a little late to the question. However, I can see that you've managed to add the filter options! I'm desperately trying to do this for a site of mine. Did you just use the custom CSS and code block or did you have to use developer mode? If so, if you could share the steps I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance, Joe.


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Hi @Roppo I've just come across this question thread and am trying to set up the exact outcome you've created on http://fertha-s.squarespace.com/shop/women/dresses/It's for a new site I'll be starting in January. Any chance you can give me some guidance on what's required? Alternatively, if it requires a bit of custom coding, would you be interested in taking on that component as a one-off paid project?ThanksDaniel

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This can be achieved with a third-party add-on called Universal Filter

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