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mike cantor

How can I get a completely blank page, or an empty cover page


I have scoured these forums and the web and still can't find an answer to this simple question. I just want a page where SS does nothing but serve my raw html.

I have tried the route of hiding various elements with custom css but evening if I get rid of the header and footer my content is still surrounded by the white border as defined by my template (which I want to preserve for the rest of the site).

I also thought about trying to strip down a "cover page" but I couldn't find anywhere to add my own code.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thanks, - Mike

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No, it really doesn't. The resulting landing page is horribly constricted in what it can do.

Squarespace just keeps frustrating and disappointing me. The only reason I stick with it and don't just create all my own code from scratch is because I'm paid up for several years of hosting. :(

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