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how do I embed a dropbox video on a page

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I'm trying to add a video that's hosted on dropbox on a page and I've used both the </> and it doesn't play. I've also tried using the code block using this code

its not playing

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There's a Dropbox help article on how to do this. See the section titled "Render a file in your browser." However, using an iframe, I tried the method described there and could not get it to work.

There is a question and answer on this at StackOverflow, Embed Dropbox website to an HTML website. The short answer is: It can't be done. For the reason why, see the StackOverflow question.

I Googled "embed dropbox video" and found an answer using the


HTML5 tag. See How to Use Dropbox to Host and Stream Videos. However I could not get this to work either. The video embedded but would not play. I tried this method using an iframe; it too embedded but would not play.

So, I'm thinking it can't be done. (You could upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and use the embed code they will generate in an iframe. That should work.)

If anyone finds a workable solution, I would be interested to see it.

I'm a retired attorney who was asked by a friend to build a website. In a prior lifetime, in a galaxy far, far away and long, long ago, I was a computer systems analyst / programmer. I'm a novice autodidact in CSS, JavaScript and HTML learning in part by example.. I've asked questions on this forum and been lucky enough to have others help me, so I'm inclined to answer any question I can. Pay it forward.

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Thank you very much seebrown. I had tried everything, but nothing worked. Setting dl=1 in the php script fixed it right away. The shared link on dropbox had dl=0 at the end, and simply did not work that way. Thank you again !! :)

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