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Marquee: Video Plug-Ins needed?

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No video plugins required - just add video as you would with any Squarespace video block.

If you want a site that looks like Marquee, click the black button on that page that says "Start with this design".

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Hi @lavidia,

We have a really nice video background plugin that fits all the websites and is fully resposnive.

You can find it here: http://spacedevs.com/downloads/video-background-plugin/

Hopefully this will help you.

If you need any more help, please write me a message or send me an email on support@spacedevs.com and I'm more than happy to solve your problem.

Kind regards,

SpaceDevs Team

[SpaceDevs][1] provides the SquareSpace solution you've been looking for. We have a shop stocked with Squarespace plugins to help make your site shine. If you need extra Squarespace design, you can contact our team to build your Squarespace custom code too. Visit our [site][2] today and launch your website into the stratosphere! [1]: http://www.spacedevs.com [2]: http://www.spacedevs.com

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