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Marquee: Gallery setting for grid layout?

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My gallery is set to open each image to full page and I would like to see a gallery type layout. Is there a setting or CSS I can use?


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To clarify, you would like a Gallery Page design that displays thumbnail images that, when clicked on, open full screen -- is that correct?

Is your current gallery in this desired design, and is this on a Squarespace site? Do you have an example for the community to reference?

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Yes - That is what I am trying to get done.My site is on the Square Space server and is a business listing. This gallery set up is kind of nice...https://www.squarespace.com/templates/?q=native


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This can be done using a Grid Gallery Block and enabling the Lightbox option.

As a note, the Squarespace Templates page is custom built using the Developer platform. Each thumbnail represents an example website and, when clicked upon, opens that full site as opposed to a static image. However, if you're looking to use a similar design for static images, the above should work well!

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