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How do I add a loan calculator to my site?



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There are different loan calculators available on the web that you can embed onto your website. For example, here's one from Practical Money Skills and another from Mortgage Loan Calc. I found these through a simple Google search. I'd suggest doing a search of your own to find the best one for your needs.

Once you determine which calculator you want to use, copy the embed code and then paste it into a Code Block on your Squarespace site.

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It's technically possible, but the "+ Legg til fler/+Add More/" part of the dynamic form you linked isn't very easy to replicate.

First the good news: dynamically changing input or hidden field values based on sliders, radio buttons, and so on is relatively easy with some JavaScript injection code to manipulate the DOM, the tricky part is dynamically adding new fields.

When you create a form block, Squarespace registers its parameters with the backend, and will only recognize the set amount of input fields you used to build it on submit. You can use JavaScript to dynamically add fields to the form in the DOM, but Squarespace won't recognize them, and will submit the form without passing their values.

HOWEVER, you should be able to create a hidden form field in the Squarespace form builder, use JavaScript to dynamically add/remove input fields, then set the newly created fields to concat their values and dynamically change the hidden field. It's not super elegant, and requires a good amount of custom JavaScript code, but it should be technically possible. Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box form builder solution that will work with Squarespace forms, so making this work will require you getting your hands dirty with JavaScript.

Hope that helps.

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Using Calconic (https://www.calconic.com) you can easily add a loan calculator to your website. It is super easy to use and requires absolutely no prior programming experience. As well, it has a bunch of ready-to-use templates for mortgage and loan calculators.

Not to mention that the calculator can be easily embedded to your Squarespace website. By following the link you can find more information about it - https://www.calconic.com/knowledge/adding-custom-calculator-widget-to-squarespace-website.

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Calconic does NOT integrate with Squarespace. You can embed the calculator you spent time building but it cannot work with your payment system. They will mislead you as they did to me. Waste of time unless you use Shopify only. 

(They have claimed in a direct response to me that it would work with squarespace...it does not work with squarespace.)

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To create calculators or form calculators on various topics, you will need widgets "Form," "Fields," and others to customize the appearance of the form, as well as basic knowledge about variables in JavaScript. The basis for any calculator is the widget "Form" and "Fields" in this form. In the settings of each field, you can specify a variable, the value of the variable, and in the special "Calculator" field, the calculation formula. They set up a calculator for me on the website in the office of Mortgage Advisor Lincoln. Because I always calculated all my transactions with a specialist in the office. And so that I could do it myself, I installed the same calculator.

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