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MailChimp list segmenting, possible with the Form Block and/or Newsletter Block?

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So I've made it a mission to really dig into MailChimp and maximize the platform to its fullest potential. There's only one catch, I can't figure out how to assign subscribers to various list segments I have configured in MailChimp.

Has anyone successfully accomplished this using the Squarespace form block or newsletter block?

On the surface it doesn't appear to be a solution or workflow, but hopefully someone has figured out a way, and wouldn't mind sharing. :)

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While I've never tried segmenting in MailChimp (or automated list assigning) you can come close manually with different/unique blocks.

You can create a few different lists and then have entries added to those specific lists using different form blocks/newsletter blocks.

For example, to add someone to a ‘new product updates’ list, you can create a list like this in MailChimp and then tell users to sign up for product updates on your site. Then assign that particular block to enter the customer data into your ‘new product updates’ list on MailChimp.

Rinse and repeat for various lists.

Having said that, I’m completely in the dark when it comes to automatically segmenting based on demographic data via one block across the entire site. And if anyone does have information on this, I’d love to hear it as well.

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Mailchimp, although awesome, is slightly confusing to setup properly. Here are a few things that may help:

Groups vs Segments vs Merge Fields


Groups are Mailchimp's way of creating user-editable interest groups. It's important to note that these Groups are always visible by your user and are not recommended for tracking data that you're not comfortable with your user seeing.


Segments are Mailchimp's way of creating internal lists of users based off of active search criteria. A user doesn't necessarily get added to a Segment through a field or opt-in. The user gets added to a Segment because that user falls within the search criteria of a currently active Segment. That being said, Merge Field data is the way to automatically place users into your Segments.

Merge Fields

Merge Fields are data fields in your list. When using Squarespace's Mailchimp integrations, the field mapping is not great, and sometimes causes issues. I've seen everything from fields not mapping, to Squarespace renaming my merge fields, to duplicate fields, to forms just not working.However, the point is to add fields to your lists for all sorts of data. Obviously you'll want the basics that your users can added themselves– name, email, phone, company, etc. But you may also want to pass hidden tracking data into Mailchimp Merge Fields as well. This can be done on Squarespace using Form Block "Hidden Fields".

Squarespace Help Doc: http://help.squarespace.com/guides/how-do-i-track-referral-sources-for-form-block-submissions

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