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Why can’t I increase the font size?


Whenever I try to change the “normal” font size, it exact same (tiny) size and it only increases the spacing between lines. I’ve played with this for hours, searched it to death and searched Answers. Will I need to go in and play with custom CSS stuff?

Also not sure how to customize video caption font, which is much larger than the regular font on the page. I’d think you’d want it the other way around.

Thanks in advance!

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Figured it all out! I was using pasted text that was affecting things... Once I used Notepad to copy and paste in plain text, it all worked like a charm. Hope that helps everyone.

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There’s a couple of things you can do to remove text formatting, paste in the text using the Paste as Plain Text button, this brings up a box to enter the text from your clipboard:
Paste as plain text in a Text Block

Or, if you already have the text in place or you just want to remove any formatting you’ve since added, just select the text and hit the Remove Formatting button:
Remove formatting from existing text in a Text Block

Have a look at the guide to Using the Text Block for more detail.

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