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After a successful form submission, how do I redirect to another page?

Go to solution Solved by colin.irwin,


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Code(s) are working great! Thank you!

My issue is that I'd prefer it opened in another browser tab/window. Anyone know how to do that with this code?

<script type="text/javascript">
var url = "https://google.com";

// IE8 and lower fix
if (navigator.userAgent.match(/MSIE\s(?!9.0)/))
   var referLink = document.createElement("a");
   referLink.href = url;

// All other browsers
else { window.location.assign(url); }


If needed, my site is at http://goffcreative.com (Very altered Pacific Template—I get asked a lot...)

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Has anything been updated on this recently? I tried to add it to the 'configure page' 'advanced' section of the page that holds the form, and instead of redirecting me to your google page once I filled out the form, it redirected me there as soon as I clicked on the page navigation!

Also - when I was trying to replace = "https://google.com"; I put = "www.whatsalreadyworking.com/thank-you"; (which is my desired landing page) and instead it came up with the URL www.whatsalreadyworking.com/discoverwww.whatsalreadyworking.com/thank-you which obviously does not exist. Thanks!

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Am I BLIND?! Is the "code" that you're talking about just "


What URL is there to be replaced? I'm SOOOO frustrated that this isn't just freaking normal to have a redirect!

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@silvabokis has the right code. I discovered that if you are using your form in a lightbox within an index you need to apply his code in the code injection space in the main settings or inside the site.region file if you're in developer mode.

This twist on his solution wouldn't work if you have various forms throughout the website that all need their own redirect page. I'm using this for conversion tracking and retargeted advertising, so I'm just redirecting every form submission to www.mybaseurl.com/# and inputting that as my "converted" url.

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