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Squarespace Email forwarding defaults for ex-Google Domains - Mailgun?

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I have been transferred over today to Squarespace from Google Domains, and I am now trying to confirm everything is set up correctly and won't cause errors in the future. However I'm confused by what I see on the DNS interface under "Email Forwarding" - it references a third party website I've never used and which I can't find any indication is connected or used by Squarespace for this, specifically Mailgun.

Does anyone know if this is the norm for Squarespace domains using Email forwarding, or a hangover from Google Domains email forwarding?













         v=spf1 include:mailgun.org ~all





< A big long string of alphanumeric>




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Hi YES!! This! Why don't they put this on their help guides it would solve so many problems!

So after my domains transferred from google domains, I was having a hell of a time getting it set up to forward emails and thought I had to set up google workspace to manage these 3 personal email addresses.

Seems like this is their workaround but customer service didn't tell me about it - I figured it out by looking at the DNS settings on a domain I own that I don't use with any emails and I entered all of them into my DNS settings and now my old emails forward to gmail again... now if anyone knows how to make them an SMTP alias on in accounts in gmail... that would make up for all the time I have wasted trying to figure this out. I feel really burned by google domains for sending me to squarespace with no support. 

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does anyone have a password for their domain email anymore to be able to set it up with gmail? I was able to do this with google app passwords in the past but it doesn't seem to work any more. 

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After my MX records were changed to mailgun.org I was able to get my original google domain email address to work as in alias in regular gmail google using the following instructions for app passwords. (It seems there is a bug in google that is making the app passwords work differently than on their guidance page.) 

follow these instructions:

3. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/

5. In the search window at the top of screen enter "app passwords"

6. Let google verify your identity

7. Where it says "app name" in the gray box enter your gmail address (email@gmail.com)

8. copy the code that is generated

9. open gmail settings (settings wheel on upper right, "see all settings", accounts and import)

10. click "Add Another Email Address"

11. in the Yellow box type the domain email address you want to use ex. name@yourdomain.com

and make sure the Treat as alias box is checked

12. Press Next Step and it the following box change the SMTP Server to smtp.gmail.com

13. Enter your gmail address exactly as entered in your app password (step 7)

14. Enter the code copied (step 8)

15. Press Add Account

16. You should receive a Verification Email from google. Follow the link and use your domain email as a gmail alias.



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it was only after adding these mx records that my domain forwarding worked on my mail accounts that were originally set up with google domains. I cannot get anyone at customer service to acknowledge their existence, however. It's very strange. 

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Thank you for this thread, I'm still working through this and I think it's an issue of MX records within square-space. But, I was able to finally get to the app password step. 

NOTE: you cannot have access to the setting "app passwords" if you do not have two factor authentication setup on your google account. Once I did that for this account running this domain, I then got this option. 

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It appears that they have revised the original spf records and included it in the mail forwarding section. The issue I'm seeing is that you can only delete the entire email forwarding section, but not edit it. All the other sections have both an edit feature and a delete feature. 

I'm currently using an SMTP relay service for my custom domain and want to change that service to another provider.  So, I need to edit the spf record, but the only way to do is to delete the entire email forwarding section.  Really not ideal....    

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On 5/6/2024 at 9:44 PM, Riapro said:

I'm confused by what I see on the DNS interface under "Email Forwarding" - it references [mailgun.org].

Does anyone know if this is the norm for Squarespace domains using Email forwarding, or a hangover from Google Domains email forwarding?

This is normal when you enable email forwarding. As part of the Email Forwarding preset, you should see two MX records and one TXT record that refer to mailgun.org plus one further TXT record for the DKIM key.

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Tech-challenged person here, probably asking a dumb question! Not sure where else to ask it though as it relates to the topic in this thread (though most of what has been said has gone way over my head).

I have a custom Squarespace domain. I set a custom email to forward to my personal gmail address. I'm receiving emails in gmail that were sent to the custom email address, so that part was successful. But when I reply to those emails my customers are seeing my personal gmail address.

In gmail, there's a setting where you can "send mail as." When I select "add another email address" it asks for a password. What password does it want? And can I send mail as my custom email address with the free gmail account? Or do I need to pay for the Google Workspace thing to be able to send mail from my custom email address?



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