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Can I integrate Squareup.com into my squarespace site?

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I like the Squareup online store option better than Shopify because it is free unlike shopify. Is there a seamless way to integrate it into my square space website?

For now it would fix my issue with squarespace's lack of customer account log in option. Unfortunately Customers would have to log in through square but I think it is better than nothing.

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Square has a post about embedding products on other sites, but it would be a stretch to call something like that "integration," since you'll still be pushing your viewers over to your shop on the Square site.

Unfortunately, integrating a third-party service like this is not nearly as simple as it sounds in most cases. There are many people looking for a customer login feature in Squarespace, and a few halfway solutions/hacks that attempt to get there — but unless Squarespace releases something like this themselves, I doubt you'll ever find something you can call "seamless."

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Set up your SquareUp Marketplace.


Create your widget in SquareUp for your shop. (SquareUp - Business Settings - Promote - Menu Embed.)

Copy your new code.

Go to your Squarespace site and use the </> embed code block. Put your SquareUp widget in this code block.

When you click "edit" on the code, you can change any of the hex colors to match your brand on your site.

A lovely shop now exists within your website in the widget. Only upon final checkout is the client redirected into your marketplace on Square.

If you need to make changes to what is shown online - those changes are made in your SquareUp account. The only items that will show on your site are items that are marked as "make this item available for sale online". Any changes automatically update in the widget.

It's pretty rad.


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The solution above didn't work for me. There was no "Business Settings - Promote - Menu Embed" option when I logged into my squareup.com account.

Instead, I did this:

  1. Log into Squareup.com
  2. Go here: https://squareup.com/store/admin/selector
  3. Select your page
  4. Create your store front. Here you can create your merchandise lists, products, services, donations, add photos, contact information, location store, refund policy, etc. etc.
  5. You can then link your customers to that page. I used a button (Go to Store -->). I also created a subdomain through my domain provider, and connect it to that store front. For example "store.yoursitename.com" - helps keep consistency as you can share that subdomain on Facebook, Twitter etc. instead of a different squareup.com domain.

This is the best way I found to integrate squareup.com to squarespace without doing all the API heavy code stuff or whatever (I'm clearly not a developer).


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@danawentsnap answered this question perfectly.

The other thing I want to mention that some people are confused about is that Square and Squarespace are not the same company. I know for some advanced Squarespace users this may sound obvious, but many people get confused by the name. I teach a Squarespace website building class in NYC and the business owners that attend--many of which have never created a site before--always ask this question.

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