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What are your thoughts on AI Web Builders & What does everyone think of Squarespace's Blueprint?

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So I watched @inside_the_square demo of Squarespace's Blueprint last night, and I have to say, I really thought, it was going to be different to what I saw. 

At first I thought, here we go, another web builder that takes a prompt and creates an entire website for you, how lazy can people get? But I was wrong.

The main takeaways I got from watching Becca's demo, was that the whole setting up of a new site, is pretty much the same, until it gets to what your website/company is about. This is where the prompt writing comes in. Here you can write about your business, what you offer and where you are based, and it creates copy for you.

Watch the demo for yourself to see the prompt Becca uses, and at the end Becca offers a lot of prompts in a free prompt pack, that you can find on her website. 

As someone who has tried all the AI Web Builders, and who has used Claude, ChatGPT and other AI chat services, to see what they can actually do, and what would need tweaking if I decided to use what was created, I can say, that AI has a long way to go before it can potentially replace web designers and copywriters.

But for now, a lot of the designs and copy I have personally seen, needs a lot of tweaking to make whatever it is, the best it can be. I say this with utter surety, because I know what AI and those who develop AI doesn't know, we are creatives, who have had to learn how to do what we do, and we know how copy should sound, and what websites should look like.

So in my opinion, AI is a good tool for making certain tasks faster, and it can even spark great idea for us creatives. I just wouldn't solely use whatever it is AI has created without tweaking it, and making it human, putting my stamp on it and making it the best I can make it, from my experience, and knowledge I have acquired over the years.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter, I would love to hear if anyone has a different opinion, and would love to get a sense of what the community feels towards moving toward a more Artificial future. 


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2 hours ago, justinjamesclack said:

AI has a long way to go before it can potentially replace web designers and copywriters.

Thanks for opening up the conversation on the forum @justinjamesclack🙌

I totally agree with you - the template building part was pretty basic, especially for those of us who are familiar with Squarespace, but the generative text for every page was really intersting to see.

This could be helpful for my clients with sever writers block; something to get them started, as long as they know that they need to customize it and make it unique.

Blueprint is an interesting sidestep into a hot topic, and it has a lot of potential. But my biggest question still remains - if it's called Squarespace blueprint - why on earth did they not use the url slug squarespace.com/blueprint ?!?! 😂

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