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Event registration and taking payments through Square

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I have an event coming up in the middle of October. I would like to build a registration form so that I can keep track of all those who want to pay for this event. I would also like to accept payments into my square account through the site. What's the best way to do this?

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Squarespace currently integrates natively with Stripe and does not support Square. For support for Square check out their documentation: https://squareup.com/help/en-us


  1. 3rd Party Registration System - Eventbrite, Picatic, Eventbee thatallow you to embed payment forms for events. You can embed registration codes easily.
  2. Squarespace Commerce - Create a product through SquarespaceCommerce and label it as an event,you can still collect informationfrom your attendees though it won'tlook like event registration out ofthe box.

  3. Forms - Others have done/suggestedevent registration from externalforms that can accept payments likeWufoo. Squarespace's forms can'taccept payments currently.

  4. Square - Custom code/embed code from Square,I'd advise against this as it couldbe time consuming instead of otheroptions that are meant for eventregistration.

Hope this helps!

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