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How to target a specific page with custom css



Are there unique ID's for each page that I can tap into? For example, If I wanted to edit the background color of just my blog page, how would I? The Squarespace styling system only allows global changes to background color. I realize I'd use custom CSS, but I can't seem to locate a unique page ID that I can tap into. Any ideas where I can find that?

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Unique page ID's are called 'Collection IDs'. In order to use custom CSS on a specific page, you can put your CSS in style brackets in the 'Page Header Code Injection' portion of your Advanced Settings on your page editor.

I inserted this custom CSS to alter the background color of my page (using the Bedford Template):



You can find your collection-ID by looking here:alt text

I'm on the page editor for the page that I want to edit. The last string of characters after 'collectionID=' is your page's unique ID. Copy that, and replace my collection-ID number above with yours.

You insert your code here:alt text

Now, you can insert that code above into your header injection. Be sure to change my collection ID to yours, and change the color "red" to any RGB or HEX string. Hope this works for you!

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Update for Squarespace 7: when you inspect the code (or view source), find the opening body tag (there's only one). It will look something like this:

<body id="collection-5845e3a2725e25b8059f35f4" ...

That id (which is also used as a class on that same body tag) is the one you're looking for. You would then use either the id or the class to target elements on that specific page in your CSS as shown above.

Although you don't need to use the Page Header Code Injection. You can simply go to Design > Custom CSS and put it there. That way, all your custom CSS can live in one place.

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collection ID didn't work for me, and I left my code in the "Custom CSS" to keep it all in one place versus putting it directly on the page.

My problem was adding a Margin that disappeared due to some bug on "page" templates in Flatiron.

here is what worked:

#page-58409f6e37c5815c82a8bc9f  {
  margin-right: 30px !important;

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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