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How do I change the size of the social media icons?


Hello Everyone,

Looking to find the CSS to enlarge the size of the social media icons in the footer area. I've tried multiple CSS but have not quite gotten the right one. I'm hoping to enlarge the icons while keeping them centered.

I'm using the Marquee template. Link is below and I'm grateful for any help. Thank you much!



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.sqs-block-socialaccountlinks .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:before, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks-v2 .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:before, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:link:before, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks-v2 .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:link:before, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:visited:before, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks-v2 .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:visited:before {

   /* The icon size */
   font-size: 40px;

   .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks-v2 .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:link, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks-v2 .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:link, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:visited, .sqs-block-socialaccountlinks-v2 .social-account-list.social-icon-size-large a:visited {

   /* Space around icons */
   width: 40px;
   height: 40px;

To your Custom CSS Editor

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In Squarespace 7 you can change the size of Marquee social media icons within the footer content editing area. The sizes range from XS - XL and you can also rearrange the alignment from left, center and right.

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