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Fluid Engine behaviour - Site styling/padding randomly changes by itself

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Hi all, 

I have been using SS for years now, and I've noticed ever since the release of 7.1 Fluid Engine that my 'perfectly styled and designed' sites in 7.1 just randomly behave like a child on a whim - repeatedly.

The issue:

The styling/spacing changes by itself leaving huge blank gaps all over the show. It's like the text bounding boxes just change size by themselves. I'm constantly finding myself fixing them across devices sizes and websites I manage.

It's so frustrating. 

I've also realised noticed my sites look TERRIBLE when viewed on a larger screen.

  • IE: If I have my site open on my 13" laptop screen and my 27" screen right next to each other - the site looks horrible on the bigger screen with huge spacing issues everywhere - and perfect on the 13" screen. I've scoured forums and solutions for a fix and even changed the site beyond past 1920px but nothing helps. Why? 
  • By default I've figured out that I have to design and style new sites on my small 13" screen (which I hate), instead of starting to design it on my larger screen. Because ironically if I design it first off my larger screen - the spacing/styling looks terrible when I look at it on my 13" screen. It's just not the experience I want. 

Things also changing in edit mode:

Lastly, I find sometimes when I am in edit mode > and working in a 'section' > the bottom of the section automatically moves back up towards the lowest part of the last element in the section (IE: A text box). As I am populating my content top down within the section (naturally), I drag the bottom of the section down again to create more space for my content - and the section just defaults back up to the lowest part of the last element half the time. Why?

Multiply these silly behavioural issues across desk + mob and several websites, and you've got a huge problem. Site spacing should be done once and left forever, that's it.


I was presenting my folio site in an interview yesterday on my larger screen, got to a page and noticed there was a giant white gap below my content because the text bounding box just decided to behave terribly. Not a good look, and I was pi$$ed.


I've had enough. I assume other people are having the same issues? Am I missing something? Am I stupid? Is there a fix for this? How do I get my sites looking the same across both small and large screens? Why does this happen? Why hasn't the company done anything about this? How did this not come up in testing before the 7.1 release? 

We all spend enough money with SS, this shouldn't be happening.

I'm about a day away from booking a flight from Australia to NYC to go knock on the doors of the SS office to get proper answers and cause a scene.

No need to add screen shots or links, you guys know what I'm on about…



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Hi @Rustynz 👋

You're definitely not alone, I have been dealing with the same issues with the irratic spacing! I came here searching for answers after troubleshooting with a client all morning and it's not the first time we've had problems with it. The spacing looks perfectly fine in the editor and then will look crazy in the wild and on different browsers. Been designing in Squarespace for years and never had an issue with this before I started working with the Fluid Engine. 

I tried adjusting the grid gap spacing and it seems to work better with a compact grid but it still isn't perfect. 



Tagging @tuanphan @creedon @paul2009  in case y'all might have any insight into possible fixes/best practices with this?

Thanks all!

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Hey Gretchen - thanks for commenting. 

Yeah agreed with what you've said there. Really not a fan of these issues, and when I contacted SS about it they said send us some screen shots… like they didn't know. 

I didn't send them anything. 

I'm just gutted my sites now look so different between screen sizes (IE: my 13" screen and my 27" screen) and don't behave like they should. The spacing changing dynamically looks like a genuine mistake and I can't stand it 🤮

Like… how did this not come up in testing from SS's end when they were building Fluid Engine? Come on…

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Squarespace knows about all of this. It's a huge problem with the fluid engine. I went through all of this on my portfolio site that I created 1.5 years ago and possibly stupidly gave SS another shot prayingthese issues might be fixed now. 

In the past I sent SS multiple screenshots of all these issues and they basically said it needs to be fixed with custom CSS code which they can not provide me. 

Lol pretty insane they charge for this and they absolutely know about all these bugs that have been there for years. 


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