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Would love to have feedback on the site please

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Hi All, thank you for being so supportive after my site was impacted hard by the squarespace update. My husband would normally build everything but he is unfortunately away and I had to have a very steep learning curve. If you have a few minutes please, I would love hear your opinions and advice of my website.

I'm not a designer I am more than willing to make improvements based on your suggestions and advice if I can. I like the white space but I am wondering if there is too much. I use my husbands 24" iMac but I am struggling with phone and 13" MacBook

My Site is www.wagthedog.nz

Also I am wondering if I broke his SEO. 

Thank You

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Hey! Here's a few things that jumped out at me -

- There's a LOT of moving parts when someone lands on the site...  the pop up images change, the header image on the site changes, and there's scrolling text at the top. It's all a bit distracting. I would make all 3 of those static.

- There's a bit of white space on the pop up. I would reduce the image size to get rid of the white space around the text, plus it won't take up so much room on the page.

- I would reduce the height of the header...the logo can be smaller, then I would move the phone number to the footer. There's a 8 choices at the top, which can make users feel overwhelmed like they don't know where to start...One of the things that will help is if you have a call to action button in this row. Whatever the #1 thing you want to customers to do - whether it's shop or book an appointment - make that the button.

- Something is off with the width... when the page loads, a scroll bar appears which lets you move left and right and there is quite a bit of space on the right (see image). I think the rotating image may be causing this.

- There's some cute images in this top section, but it needs some text! Users should be able to know who you are and what you do as soon as they land on your site without having to scroll. I would take some of the words from the second section and use them for the first section (like, "Mobile dog grooming service") just so people know immediately who you are. Then you can expand more in the rest of the text on the page.

- Buttons that say "Learn more" are pretty passive... they don't really compel people to take action. Instead, I would say "Book Your Appointment"

- Instead of requesting service, I would strongly encourage setting up a way for people to book on your site (Calendly is an option - and it's free). You're going to lose a lot of people if they have to fill out a form first! The less friction and amount of steps someone has to take, the more clients you're going to have. This is also a really long form, so I would just link to the /request-service page instead of putting the entire thing on the home page.

- The blue section at the bottom is super big too...I would reduce the logo size and rework that section so it's not quite as big.

- Also the links in the white section below it are too hard to read against the white background. I would make them a darker color and probably arrange them differently so that there aren't 5 columns.

- I wouldn't put the Wagging Tails page in the top nav since all it is is images. It's good to have these images, but I would sprinkle them in on some other pages or create a carousel for them so people can scroll through them horizontally instead of them taking up so much room vertically.

- I'd probably lay out the Services page differently too so that it's not in a 3 column layout. You could use some color to break the text up into different sections. And I think some before/after pics could be really powerful here. The "book a grooming session" should be hyperlinked to a page to book. Right now it's a broken link.

- I would also remove the Wag and Brag page (which will help to shrink down the navigation header) and use those testimonials on other pages. Definitely put some on the home page and the Services page would be good.

- Same thing for the Special page... I would remove that page and then create a section on the home page for the special. You could also have it on the Services page.

- I would maybe choose another font to use so that you have some contrast between fonts and have a 2023-09-11_09-03-00.thumb.png.f1ba943c51a278ccf244e3124f499f8b.pngdefinite header and paragraph font. I would also look at the colors...teal is the predominate color, but not all of the pictures work well with that.  

I think people would really benefit from your services, it's just a matter of laying out the site in a way that keeps people engaged, and definitely adding a way for people to book online (this alone will get you so many more clients). Let me know if you have questions or want more detail about any of these comments 🙂

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