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Can I please get your feeback on my website?

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I've been reading the great insights you all come up with after reviewing peoples websites. I would like to see what you all think could improve my site.

This is my first attempt at building one, it seems that my traffic bounces regardless of landing page. I mostly get the majority of my traffic with Facebook ads, so I don't discount it could be the ad. Any advise would be appreciated. https://soundemotions.life/


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Hey Shawn!

Here's a few recommendations -

- Use a version of the logo in the footer for the header instead of just the site title name.
- I would create a color palette centered around the blue color in the footer logo
- Remove the Home link in the header. The logo/site title at the top serves as the link back to Home.
- I would replace with "Get Started" button with a stronger call to action... like, "Book Appointment" or whatever it is you want them to do. And then that button should take them to an actual place to book a session (you can use the free version of Calendly for this) instead of having to fill out a form. The less friction (amount of steps) a customer has to take, the higher your convert rate will be. Make it as EASY as possible for them to become a client.
- I would also rename the You page to something else... it's kind of vague and doesn't really tell what that page is about. (there are some spacing issues on the You page too).
- The font in the Get Started button should match the style of the font in the header navigation links
- Swap out the standard template pics with your own (unsplash.com is a great place to get good stock photos).
- "Find Your Happiness" should really explain what the site is about without people having to scroll further to get that information. What is "find your happiness"? A massage? A good book? A CD of sounds? It's not clear just by those 3 words.
- There's a lot going on with the highlighted text (circles, underlines, etc) that make it too busy and distracting.
- I would left-align the text instead of centering it...centered is harder on our eyes to digest, so most people will just skip over it.
- There's not really a cohesive feel between the pictures on the home page. ie: the "you can do anything" hand drawn image with the word image and the stock photos
- The section about your journey is good, but I would also use it to speak to the customer's pain points... they too probably need to release some past negative thoughts and emotions - so I would address that and then explain how your product solves their problem.
- In the testimonials section: There's a really big space. I would not have the testimonial in all caps because it's hard to read and looks like they're shouting. Also I would decrease the width of that block so that it doesn't span the length of the page (it's harder to read when it spans the whole page).
- In the Subscribe section, most people will not hand over their email address without getting something in return. So what can you offer? Maybe a percentage off a purchase/service or a free download of a song... something that will hook them.
- On the Services page: make the text left aligned
- Be sure the 3 different "book now" buttons are formatted the same - right now only the first one has "book" capitalized. Also these buttons need to link to a page where they actually can book instead of having to email you (like Calendly mentioned above)
- Even though you have a section about you on the home page, I would add an About page. That is one of the first places people are going to go when they land on your site and having a dedicated page makes it easy to find.
- I would also use a second font so that there is some contrast between the fonts (use one for headings, one for paragraphs).

Overall, I think the two biggest areas to focus on are images and text. It's perfectly fine to use stock photos (I do), but everyone has seen these photos since they come with the template. Check out Unsplash. As for the text, I would think about the transformation of your client - what were they like before they used your service and what were they like after? Your text should convey what they will get by working with you, but also what they will lose by NOT working with you. They need to know the stakes.

I'm happy to talk in more detail about any of these or help accomplish them as well. You have the foundation, now it's time to turn it into a website that converts! 🙂

Jessica Miller | Squarespace Website Designer

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