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integration with Salesforce CRM

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we are working with a client that has built their website with SquareSpace, and is considering utilizing the e-commerce engine in the next phase of deployment. They also have Salesforce as their internal CRM. I am wondering what options exist to integrate the e-commerce engine with Salesforce.

Typical use case would be to capture the login and purchase information from buyers and automatically create a new account record in Salesforce and record the transaction.

Has anyone had experience with this?

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i know this is an old thread, but dropping this in here for the next sucker that comes along trying to make this work... i started with this post:


but, his code didn't work anymore (sqarespace must've changed things around). i hacked on the code, got it working, and added some inline documentation: https://gist.github.com/rwheaton/50d669b85fbd9548ed53

good luck!

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