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Old content showing in google, URL not working

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Hello - when I search my website name in google the results show up with old copy in the view pane. When you click on the URl it doesn't work. Also, it looks terrible! Does anyone know how I can fix it please? If anyone searches my site they won’t be able to get on it.

I have attached a screenshot. Or you can enter my name shiv wolton in google you can see it. 

However If you type my URl directly www.shivwolton.com it works...so I have no idea what's happening and why it doesn't work in the google search results. 

Thanks so much for any advice. Hugely appreciated. 



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3 minutes ago, bigbird2 said:


To fix the issue of old content showing in Google search results and the URL not working, follow these steps:


  1. Update your website's content and meta tags to reflect the current information.
  2. Use Google Search Console to request a recrawl of your website.
  3. Check for any server or technical issues that might be causing the problem.
  4. Verify that your website's URL structure is correct and redirects are working.
  5. Monitor the changes and seek professional help if the issue persists.


If you need any further assistance. Feel free to ask. I am a developer and hope this helps!


Many thanks. How would I do 2&3 you mentioned? I’m not techy 🤦🏻‍♀️..

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5 minutes ago, bigbird2 said:



Sure, Here is the more detailed answer for your understanding. Let's break down how to check for server or technical issues and verify your website's URL structure: 


Check for Server or Technical Issues:

a. Contact Your Web Hosting Provider: 


If you are not tech-savvy, the first step is to reach out to your web hosting provider's customer support. Explain the issue you are facing, and they will be able to help you identify any server-related problems.

b. Visit Your Website:


 Try accessing your website from different devices and internet connections. If it loads fine on one device but not on another, there might be an issue with your internet connection or device rather than your website.

c. Check Website Status: 


Use online tools that can check if your website is up and running. You can search for "website status checker" on Google and enter your website's URL to see if it's accessible from various locations.

d. Check Domain Expiration: 


Ensure that your domain name (e.g., shivwolton.com) is not expired. If your domain registration has lapsed, your website won't be accessible. 


Verify Your Website's URL Structure and Redirects:

a. Check URL in Google Search Console: 


Sign up for Google Search Console if you haven't already. It will provide valuable insights into your website's indexing status. Verify that your website's URL is correctly listed there.

b. Test URLs: 


Check if your website URLs (both old and new ones) are working as intended. Copy and paste them into your web browser's address bar to see if they load without any issues.

c. Inspect Internal Links: 


If you recently made changes to your website's URL structure, inspect internal links to ensure they point to the correct pages.

d. Check for Broken Links: 


Use online tools or website auditing tools that can help you find broken links on your website. Fix any broken links you come across. 


Remember, if you find these technical steps overwhelming, consider reaching out to a professional web developer or a friend with technical expertise. They can assist you in resolving any server or URL-related issues effectively.



Many thanks @bigbird2 the host is squarespace, the domain hasn’t expired so I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s the same result on friend’s devices too so obviously a deeper problem. I thought if I created my website through squarespace it would be simple 😔

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Hi @ShivWol your home page URL is not indexed, just the old content. You can use GSC to sort this out: https://www.collaborada.com/blog/squarespace-google-search-console

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