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Fulfillment Option Issues

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I'm having issues with my fulfillment settings.

I sell 3 types of items: Furniture, Slabs and Printful merchandise.

For my furniture and slabs I have tried to go with 3 shipping options: Free pickup, Local Delivery by me and long-distance shipping through a carrier.  Because furniture is generally heavier and requires more packaging that often pushes it out of the 165" maximum for ground shipping options, it will cost more to ship.

So, my pricing for the long-distance shipping for slabs and furniture are different in the fulfillment options.  Everything seems fine until a customer selects an item from my furniture and my slabs. Only the common shipping options are available to them (local pick up and local delivery).

What adds to the confusion is when a Printful item offered on my site is added to the cart with the other 2 items all proper shipping options then become available. 

My workaround, that I am currently going using, is setting up a long-distance shipping option that is the same for both my slabs and my furniture.  It is not ideal as it feels too high for the slabs, and I feel like I could lose big if I need to ship a piece of furniture a long distance.

I was in contact with Squarespace about this and they assured me that there would be a solution but was wondering if others have had a similar experience or have a better workaround solution that I could use.

Thanks in advance,






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Thanks for the reply @KristineNeilStudio!

I did go through and set up according to the fulfillment profiles but there seems to be a glitch in my setup.

I've attached screenshots to better explain.

If I try and buy a piece of furniture or slab alone all of their shipping options are available to me.

When I try and buy a piece of furniture and a slab together, I only get the common shipping options (Local pick up or local delivery).

The kicker is when I add an item that is fulfilled through Printful to the furniture and slab order all of my shipping options are again available to pick from.  I am by no means an expert at using Squarespace so there is a good chance I have done something wrong with my set up, but it feels glitchy when it works fine when I add the Printful T-shirt to my order.


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@OTD at first glance, this appears right to me. Your last screen shot shows the different shipping options for the different products; you can choose how you want each item shipped independently of the others.

Where I could see this is maybe falling apart is on the order where you have the table and the slab. It does seem like that should display the options for each line item just like your last screenshot. Have you shared this with support? 

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@KristineNeilStudio Yes, I was emailing back and forth with support back at the end of June.  They did say they would be working on a fix for it, but I haven't heard back from them since.  I didn't know if others have had similar issues as it is quite frustrating.

I appreciate your feedback!  It helps validate that I did indeed set things up correctly.

The part that baffles me is how everything works perfect once I add a t-shirt (or mug) to my order.

I was even trying to figure a work around where I could add a free t-shirt to the order so my shipping would work correctly but didn't know how to prevent someone from just getting a free t-shirt and nothing else.

Thanks again.

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@OTD Well, this does seem like a bug and not working as expected. It is weird that adding the t-shirt would make things do what they are supposed to! I would definitely bring this back up to support and share these exact screenshots because it's very clear. 

In the meantime, what might work is creating a coupon code for a free t-shirt on orders over a certain amount. (This way it's not just free for anyone.) Customers would have to add the t-shirt to their cart and then use the code you provide but I'm wondering if this is the workaround temporarily? (The issue would then be people who don't want the t-shirt and skip it but I don't know enough about this store to say.) Want to give that a try? 

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Yep. My site, www.thesalvageco.com, is having issues with the cart too. I have a furniture store and wanted different profiles for different-sized furniture. Everything works great when you run through and add a couple of items to the cart. When you remove everything from the cart and try it again, the second time, all options are gone. I must clear the cart and then completely clear my browser cache to reset everything. It does it on all my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone browsers. It must be a glitch with the new fulfillment profiles. I contacted SS with a video of what was happening, and they confirmed there was a problem, as they could recreate the issue on my site too. Hopefully, it will get fixed quickly. I was excited to be able to have this feature.

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Hello! Nice to meet y'all. I am the PM responsible for this area and can share some info as to what is going on here. 

@richhelmer The issue you raised is a known bug when removing items from the cart breaking fulfillment profiles. We are working on a fix. 

@OTD The screenshots you shared are exactly how Fulfillment Profiles are supposed to work at this time. Please see here for a description of Fulfillment Profiles and some of the Checkout dependencies.

The reason why you only see two fulfillment options when you only have the Black Walnut Slab and Live Edge Walnut Table is because we optimize for the cheapest shipping costs when displaying fulfillment options at checkout. When there is a common shipping option across all profiles, we are able to group the products together and charge shipping once (in your example, shipping is $90 whens shipped together) vs. when we group products separately and have to charge shipping multiple times (shipping would have been $140 if the fulfillment profiles were separate, even if the customer picked the same shipping option).

The issue you have is that you're actually using delivery as a shipping option, so you likely want the other true shipping options to appear. You can do this by having your delivery option as a pickup option, or by creating duplicates of the delivery option and only assigning each delivery option to a max of one profile.

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@Beau_SQSP thanks for responding! Any idea when this will be fixed? I really like the feature but if one of our customers runs into this problem, they probably won’t understand what is going on and we will lose the sale or even possibly the customer all together. They might just think our site doesn’t work.

 I have an off topic question. Does SS have any plans to add a filter to the store? That way customers could sort by price, relevance, popular, etc. I can’t think of any other platforms that doesn’t have this most basic function.

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On 8/4/2023 at 4:06 PM, Beau_SQSP said:

The issue you raised is a known bug when removing items from the cart breaking fulfillment profiles. We are working on a fix. 

@Beau_SQSP Is this the same cart bug that is causing all the product links to be removed from the cart whenever an item is removed from the cart, preventing users from viewing the remaining products? (Link to report)

This has been affecting clients since early June (reported 10 June) but Customer Care have not indicated that this has been prioritised to be fixed yet.

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