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Link Pages for Categories and Tags with no Meta details

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Hi all,


I am using SEMRush and it threw up some errors and I would appreciate some assistance on them.

First, some background:


I have two Folders inside of which are a set of Links to create individual pages for Categories and Tags and to create a navigation for the page header.

For example:

The Tag 'beach' has a menu link to https://www.blog.baligram.me/blog/tag/Beach

The Category 'South Bali' has a menu link to https://www.blog.baligram.me/blog?category=South Bali

The Folder's Settings only allow to specify 

Bali & Lombok Experiences

And the Link settings only allow to specify:



1. Missing Meta Data for Pages

The pages for individual Tags and Categories cannot have meta Title and Description set for them and SEMRush identifies this an as error. It also reports these pages as having duplicate meta (even though they have none, so I am guessing none is considered a duplication!).

Is there anything I can do about that (I am guessing now since there is nowhere to enter meta details for these 'pages')?

Should I be things setting up differently? I did it this way because I just wanted a menu on the home page with links to the various individual Tags and Categories that displayed ALL posts with those Tags/Categories.

Maybe I should set up pages for each but then the only way to show all articles for a Tag would be a summary block that is limited to 30 items and I don't want to nest multiple blocks and have to remember to add a new one as the article numbers increase beyond the last block.

2. Temporary Redirects

On every page that has the menu in the heading (which is approx 120 pages, SEMRush reports an error that these pages have temporary redirects because each of the three Menu Items for Experiences, Regions and About redirect (therefore SEMRush reports 360 'temporary redirect' errors)

Experience (which are Tags in my blog) links to https://www.blog.baligram.me/bali-and-lombok-experiences but redirects to https://www.blog.baligram.me/blog/tag/Beach (which is the first Tag in the order/list of links in the menu)

Region (which are categories in my blog) links to https://www.blog.baligram.me/bali-and-lombok-regions but redirects to https://www.blog.baligram.me/blog?category=South Bali (which is the first Category in the order/list of links in the menu)

About links to https://www.blog.baligram.me/about-us but redirects to https://www.blog.baligram.me/about

I think these redirects seem to be an internal Squarespace action that is hard coded - they are not set in the redirect area of Settings.

Possible solution? Is the solution just to hard code these redirects as 301 redirects in settings, just so they are not left to Squarespace to do and thus seen by SEMRush/Google as 'temporary redirects'?

3. Low Text to HTML ratio

These Tag and Category pages are reported by SEMRush as having Low Text to HTML ratio. All the articles under a tag or Category do have their Excerpt displaying but that is not enough obviously and I cannot add text to these pages (they are auto-generated and not editable)

Mind you, SEMRush also says this page has a low text to HTML ratio and it is a huge article! https://www.blog.baligram.me/blog/an-essential-guide-to-bali-travel-insurance so I am not sure what they are going on about 🙂

I would appreciate any advice - it might be that everyone says just ignore these issues as in the context of a growing blog they are minor but I just wanted to check in case I was doing something wrong or could do something better 🙂


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Hi @simon.stjohn,

First of all, if you're in Bali, it would be great to connect! I work from Nebula in Canggu.

I've addressed your points below. In general, these are limitations to Squarespace - I would make a few tweaks, but in general, just carry on doing what you're doing, as I can see your traffic is starting to grow pretty quickly (attached).

1. Unfortunately, you can't add metadata for these pages - quite frustrating and something SS needs to address

2. Try doing a 301 redirect for your about us page and rerun the Ahrefs audit - this might fix it, otherwise, we can explore a different solution

3. Again, this is a limitation with SS as you can't edit Tag and Category pages, but as you've pointed out, this isn't always necessarily an issue.

Technical issues can be frustrating, but if you focus on things like backlinks, high-quality content and keyword research, you can easily outweigh any negatives.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 13.47.11.png

Henry Purchase

Founder of SEOSpace - the SEO plugin for Squarespace.

Get a Free Squarespace SEO Audit: https://www.seospace.co/squarespace-seo-audit-score


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@SEOSpace_Henry Hey Henry great to connect and thanks for your encouragement and reassurance. I am not in Bali right now, but when I am back, would be great to catch up over the coffee for sure. I hang out east of Ubud but can go anywhere.

So glad you replied so that I found SEOSpace as well - I have signed up for updates. Please let me know as soon as launched!

I really like the idea of something built for Squarespace....perfect fit to add to the toolbox.


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No problem at all @simon.stjohn! We actually launch today, in 2.5 hours! You'll get an announcement email - looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

My girlfriend and I actually run a travel blog (below), so no doubt we'll have lots to chat about!


Henry Purchase

Founder of SEOSpace - the SEO plugin for Squarespace.

Get a Free Squarespace SEO Audit: https://www.seospace.co/squarespace-seo-audit-score


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