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Ranking on Google is terrible and not improving, site readability, headings etc

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Hi, I've been working on (with limited knowledge) my SEO and site headings etc. for 2 weeks.

Site audits are telling me my Meta description is bad, my h1 headings are non-existent and my content is not readable. I'm stuck, because every time I look at my site, I am happy with the overall look, usability and readability. I would love a fresh pair of eyes to tell me what to change because I cannot see it!

I'm particularly worried about my home page, www.optisportsphysio.com.au/services, www.optisportsphysio.com.au/about-us and www.optisportsphysio.com.au/services/team

Thank you

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Hi @lucyclay - as a former rugby player myself, I know there will be demand for your services 😂.

I've taken a look at your website, and I believe the below video will be useful as there are some common pitfalls I believe you may have fallen into on your homepage.

Henry Purchase

Founder of SEOSpace - the SEO plugin for Squarespace.

Get a Free Squarespace SEO Audit: https://www.seospace.co.uk/squarespace-seo-audit-score


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when going to google and searching:

you have only 10 indexed pages. 
Google loves the power of 10 on SEO friendly websites so for every power of 10 you increase your page count, the more important your website will be and rank higher.

Your competitor in the area, for example, has over 400 web pages indexed:


they have pages that have indexable keywords to bring hits to their site but also these seemingly useless web pages are increasing their pages indexed in google. that provides them an SEO boost.

This page on your site is nothing but a bulleted list and isn't really helpful and google will look at it like a person and say "this isn't high-quality content, plus the page count on this site is only 10 pages so don't even bother indexing it":

Instead of a bulleted list try something like this:



Back & Neck Pain Physio for Individualized (this was misspelled) treatment for spinal pain in Barangaroo

Not all back and neck pain is the same and is something we see every day.  Each person and their injuries are unique, therefore we are committed to providing individualized assessments and treatments as a back and neck pain physio in Barangaroo. 


As a specialist in Back and Neck pain in Barangaroo, We see a variety of spinal pain including but not limited to: 

  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Sciatica or nerve pain
  • Acute neck pain (wry neck)
  • Chronic neck pain


  • I re-wrote just that part to show you how you could still make this page useful while grabbing relevant keywords that people will use to find you. People in my area of the USA would look for:
  • Physical Therapy Long Beach, high quality sports medicine and therapy office in long beach, and others.
  • focus on long tail keywords which are going to be 4 or more words. "neck and back pain specialist in barangaroo" is a very long and specific keyword.
  • The target keyword for the page needs to have it in the 1st H1 tag, the first <p>, in the title of the page and meta description of the page.

I had a WordPress site that had an "article spinner". but with Chat GPT, you might be able to get articles written very fast and not have to 'write' anything really. Hire someone to write for you on Upwork if you would rather pay someone (although they'd probably just use chatGPT now and take your money). if you can do it yourself don't write it like you would say it in a commercial, think "how can I make a web page about something to do with Physical therapy that also has relevant keywords that are geo-located to my exact location and other cities around me that will get hits on google? 

Look at these for examples:




The more "similar" pages look, google may index one, both or NONE. The article spinner will change out text but google has become smarter. Making pages like these are not really because they are useful. it's to increase page count and get hits if someone googles "home cleaning service in ballard" for example.

Lastly, one of the bigger things that helps your tiny insignificant webiste look imporant to google is how much gossip in the forms of links from other big websites.

check out https://conjuredoctor.blogspot.com/2013/07/womens-power-products-and-spell-ideas.html

This is on blogspot, google's product. they WILL ALWAYS INDEX pages that have links from THEIR products first. If you make a new page targeting the keyword "cervical neck physio in barangaroo" and post links on an account you create in blogspot, your page will index within 24 hours and google will spider your whole website. notice how the article is written just to create links back to specific products on conjuredoctor.com? that is on purpose. there are hundreds or thousands of links from blogspot.com (which has billions of pages) to conjuredoctor.com (only hundreds of pages) which makes google think "hmm..this link says "women's power mojo bag" and it's linking to a product of the same name with the same name mentioned several times. I bet it has a lot to do with whatever the link says". Links are gossip. much like if you have 500 followers on instagram and Beyonce were to post a picture of you and tag your instagram, that is a form of gossip that will make you look more important because it's coming from an account with a lot of power. the same can be said with having links to your website from larger websites. that is why bots try to leave linked comments on websites still even though google has mostly tweaked their search to exclude any comment sections to remove any value it has.

Be consistent, even if there isn't a lot of text on your site, these landing pages can be useful.


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On 2/12/2023 at 8:04 PM, lucyclay said:

Edit: the last link should be www.optisportsphysio.com.au/team

Make individual pages for each of your team. it will increase page count.  Also, target nearby neighborhoods, "the rocks" "hyde park" etc if they are relevant and people will travel to you if they find you.

Always be prepared to answer the question:
"Why should I choose you over some other office?" with how you make your website and the words it contains.

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