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Bedford: Fixed navigation?



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You can use this code to keep the banner height size:

.view-list .banner-thumbnail-wrapper,
.collection-type-page .banner-thumbnail-wrapper,
.collection-type-index .banner-thumbnail-wrapper {
 margin-top: 100px; /* nav bar height */

It's from this article, Thanks to isabellemt

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There's another layer to this you probably haven't found yet... because you won't until you do this properly. Here's a good method:

header { position: fixed !important; width: 100% !important; }

Once you have a nice fixed header, you'll soon discover that the hamburger menu duplicates itself with a slight overlay after you scroll partway down the page. You'll also have issues with the mobile nav appearing skewed. Infuriating. Kill it thusly:

.fix-header-nav .mobile-nav-toggle-label.fixed-nav-toggle-label { visibility: hidden !important; }.back-to-top { display: none !important;}

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@jcuvdb this works great on my banner images, but when I am using a slideshow banner, the top nav bar is still cutting off the top portion of the banner, so my slideshow is not centered and undesirable cropping is occurring. Any tips on how to fix this problem with the slideshow banner?

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@varresa, I love your site! Question, on the blog section, you are using a slideshow banner, with the fixed nav bar, how did you get the slideshow banner to remain uncropped? Right now my slideshow banners are starting at the very top of the page, so the nav bar is covering the top portion of the slideshow banner. How did you fix this issue?

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@Sam Shay The first code you provided to keep the header fixed works great. However, I also entered this code to fix the navigation bar duplicating on mobile:.fix-header-nav .mobile-nav-toggle-label.fixed-nav-toggle-label { visibility: hidden !important; } .back-to-top { display: none !important;}Unfortunately, it didn't change anything on mobile for me. I'm still getting the skewed mobile nav as I scroll down the website homepage. Do you know what could be going wrong?

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Had the same issue, found a solution:

.sqs-gallery-design-strip img { padding-top: 130px; }

Just change the padding to whatever the height of your nav menu is to match.

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