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Instagram checkout error message

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My Store's check out page doesn't load on Instagram since 3rd of January. I contacted SquareSpace to troubleshoot but there wasn't no helpful information other than recommending to use different browser. Has anyone have the same issue and find any solution how to fix it? 


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I have the same problem. I contacted the to get help but no clear answer has given to me other than telling me to ask my customers to use a different browser which is not a solution. I can't run ads on IG now to make sales because my website is not working properly to make the final purchase. This needs to be solved ASAP. 

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Same here. Any updates? It is costing all of us $ in lost sales conversion. Needs to be fixed asap. Just received a reply from Squarespace customer service and they said, "The Instagram in-app browser is not officially supported and is outside the scope of our support." So, now what?

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My customers are not able to checkout from my website if they access it through instagram. when they try to checkout it says couldn't load page with a try again button that doesn't do anything.


Works fine if you acess my website through google on mobile and laptop.

if this doesn't get fixed I will have to switch to shopify. I can afford not to have my website not work on IG to checkout.


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Hey Guys

Need help. So on your phone looking at insta decide you want to buy a product and click through to the webpage from the bio. I have noticed when they go to pay- Instagram/ phones/ squarespace try to open a new page and the phones block that from happening essentially killing off a sale. 

The problem is with all three.

1) Instagram - because it is the browser that tries to open a new page

2) Phones because they are trying to block the page opening a new page


3) square space wanting to open a new page. 

there are probably 3 fixes here can you help? Im too new at this,. 

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My customers are having the same issue. When you type the website URL in a web browser it works as usual. It also works when following the URL from other social media platforms like TikTok or Pinterest. But when a user follows the URL from Instagram, everyone is getting a "Try Again" error message at checkout. Due to this error, my Facebook Ads are unable to convert so we're wasting money until this is fixed. 

This is urgent. Please @squarespace help us all out. 


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I've been having this issue for 5 days now, it is impacting my business. 
Squarespace is not helping, and I can't contact Instagram as a user. I have submitted an error with Instagram but who knows where this goes. 

Customers will not buy if they have roadblocks in the purchase funnel. It's seriously impacting my sales. 

My only option if this does not resolve is to leave Squarespace. 

I suggest that Squarespace take this more seriously and contact Instagram directly. 
We need an answer. 

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I’ve also had this issue since Thursday now and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Squarespace just keep saying to use another browser but as businesses we obviously need our links on social media so this is not helpful. It’s pretty impossible to individually get answers from Instagram so squarespace really need to help us out here to address the issue with Instagram and get it sorted asap, I’m sure our sales are all being affected by this one way or another and I don’t want to have to leave squarespace for another platform but if the issues continues I might not have a choice 

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Yeah, same. I have never had it before and last night 2 complaints. They said it's not our issue and my response was it kinda is when people start peeling off your platform because you can't fix it. They also said that they just tell people to use the web browser and I said fine for the 1-2 people who contact me and ask but for the other 10-20 who CBF I lose the business. 

I noticed that other websites that use Squarespace are un affected by the issue. I found a couple online last night and could buy them. Think I might also have to leave Squarespace. There response has been disappointing 

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I’m devastated, I just switched from a website provider for issues at checkout and went with square space have spent 3 months building my website and all week promoting is on my Instagram, to launch it and the checkout isn’t working, square have said the same is a problem via Instagram so they can’t do anything, I’ve reported it to Instagram and as mentioned I very much doubt I’ll hear anything, honestly devastated is an understatement, I don’t even know what to do from here 😩

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I was told that squarespace are looking into it and are bringing it up to Instagram to raise the issue but it doesn’t seem like they’re being very urgent about it. Hopefully if we keep emailing and reiterating how serious this is they will take note and actually push this to Instagram. I recently paid for my yearly subscription so really don’t want to have to leave but I’m feeling a bit helpless and don’t know how long to let it go on for before I do have to move to another platform, very frustrating and disappointing response from squarespace so far 

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I'm also having issues and my Squarespace ticket was "escalated" to the team lead and well... totally useless reply filled with fluffy words. They really don't seem to care if we are all losing business (many of us being artists/small businesses still trying to recover from *gestures exhaustively at* the state of the world and C-19.) What the reply I just got really told me - they are just like every other capitalist company out their disguising itself as an artist and small business friendly platform to rake in cash. If they had any integrity they would be frantically trying to resolve this while clearly communicating with us (openly and publicly) and they would be issuing credits (give us this month free!! Credit the accounts who have paid in full for the year!!) to those affected to try to make up for the lost sales we, their customers, are experiencing because of Squarespace's inability to function along side the largest social media platform on earth - the place almost all of us go to market our businesses and services. I'm big mad. 

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15 hours ago, sayreambrosio said:

I've run into it on a few other sites on Wix

Thanks for adding some wider perspective @sayreambrosio. Whilst it's disappointing that anyone is affected by something like this, it does help to know that we're not alone in this.

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Hey all,

This issue is not a squarespace issue.  As far as I can tell from my testing on iOS, instagram version 267.0 released 2 weeks ago caused the issue.  Version 269 that went out 2 days ago has fixed the issue.

You have to remember this issue happened after an instagram update, not a squarespace update - at least on iOS.  Not sure if it's the same for android.  

Regardless, I'm just glad it's all fixed!

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