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Bedford: Video lightbox link

Go to solution Solved by Alan-Squareflair,

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I'm sorry but I get this answer every time I ask this question. I'm not sure if I'm asking my question the right way. The answer you gave me doesn't open a video in a lightbox like it does in the link I provided.

This would bring the user to a different page. I want the video to open in lightbox when you click a link that is in the banner area so you don't have to go to a separate page to watch the video.



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It does open a video in a lightbox but only if you can embed a gallery into the page. You can't embed a gallery into a banner area. You also can't open a gallery item from a text link unless that text link opens a new page where the video lives.

Look at the page I linked and try watch the video in the banner. When you click on the watch demo text it opens the demo video in a lightbox in the same page. It doesn't send you to a new page where the gallery is.

I appreciate the help @alanhouser. I hope this helps you understand what my actual question is.

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You can embed a gallery anywhere you want. It's never easy, but it's totally possible. (still building this out, but) on this site, I've positioned two individual gallery blocks— both with videos that play in lightboxes. It's just a matter of using CSS + jquery to position existing elements and making them behave the way you want. site-link (password: matt)

You can either do this using a Gallery block with video -or- you could use a third-party lightbox like FancyBox, but either way— if you want video in a header or outside of a normal content area as you've requested, it would require custom html / css / scripting to do it.

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Hi cdelehanty,

Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm facing the same issue and I can see your original questions isn't properly answered yet.


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