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Header and Footer Issue

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Hi there, I'm at a loss.  This was fine earlier in the day but it seems like it magically happened in the last hour?  

My site header is turning white after I hit save.  It's NOT set to Dynamic.  I've tried it as both solid and theme, selecting the colours I need.  The preview looks perfect and as soon as I hit save it's white again. WTF?!  This isn't my first website...  I've created many and I've never had this issue....  some weird bug?  Has anyone had this issue and managed to fix it?

How it should look


After I hit save

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I am having issues editing my header.  This is a recent issues- the headed was exactly how I wanted it then today I opened Squarespace  and the header is  differently formatted. When I go into the editing screen I am able to change it back and when I hit save. Bu the it reverts back to the incorrect format.  I am not sure what happened. 

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I'm having the same problem. SS support were of no help. 

The website footer also disappears. 

I've tried everything: removing and re-adding all nav content, logos, different styles and configurations of header. Always reverts back to white when clicking 'Save'.

It's not code injection because I'm not using any. It's not custom CSS because I removed it all and it still happens. It's site-wide, not related to any specific page. 

Even the footer I tried deleting and completely rebuilding and that doesn't help either. 

Something has gone wrong in the backend with Squarespace to cause this and I hope they can find and fix it ASAP.


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unfortunately i encounter the footer also suddenly disappers, this is to be seen especially in collapsed mode. Which shows the actual live webpage. But as soon as i go to the edit mode, the screen enlarges and the footer comes back. 

Anyone an idea?


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1 hour ago, LonniWong said:


unfortunately i encounter the footer also suddenly disappers, this is to be seen especially in collapsed mode. Which shows the actual live webpage. But as soon as i go to the edit mode, the screen enlarges and the footer comes back. 

Anyone an idea?


Hi Lonni, I looked at https://status.squarespace.com/ and it looks like there is a partial outage of site loading that started about five minutes before you posted this message. That might be the issue.  

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Hi everyone, 

First time posting here. I just encountered something unexpected with the behavior of the header. When I am in the edit mode, the header is showing the right configuration (white text in this case). But the when I hit "save", the text becomes black automatically. This issue occurs suddenly out of the blue. It has been behaving correctly until today. It seems like the header no longer display based on the different background color scheme.

Any thought would be much appreciated. Thank you! 


the view in the edit mode



the view after it is "saved".



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I am hoping someone can help me. I recently noticed my footer has disappeared from all pages (on both desktop and mobile) when I view my live site. It used to be there, for weeks as I worked on my site, but tonight it is gone. It is still there when I am in editing mode though. I have no custom coding on my site and no site style animations selected. I have tried removing the background image incase there was an issue with the image as well as rearranging blocks and creating a new footer but I can't get it to reappear.


Thanks in advance for any answers!



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Hi there, 


We are building a commerce site where the navbar had  background colour. 

When changing the design styles to product title, the navbar styles stopped working and on inspecting the website code seems like the styles tag is empty a attached. 

But when we are trying to reapply the navbar styles, the preview shows as how it needs to be but on saving is not reflected on to the site.



Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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I just wanted to say I noticed the same thing has happened to my site! I just noticed it this evening. My footer has disappeared but every time I edit my site it reappears, it is so odd. It will not correctly save the page with my footer and I've tried every web browser. The colors on my header have changes as well and but reverts back to my old colors when I edit the site. My social links disappeared on my header as well. Hoping we get an answer to this!

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I recently launched this 7.1 site to replace the older 7.0 site. Everything was working fine until I connected the domain. Once the site went live the color behind the header disappeared (along with the button in the header) and the footer is missing. I can see the footer when I edit. If I edit the header I can toggle to another setting and then go back to solid. The header looks right and when I save it disappears again.

Viewing the site in safe mode also doesn't solve it.

I pulled out all Custom CSS code and hit save. No change so I put it back. 

I pulled out all header code injection (it's all Tock integration related) and hit save, also no change so I put it back. 

If anyone can help with this I'd greatly appreciate it.

URL: feedery.com

screen cap below of the white header (incorrect) and the color header (correct before I hit save)


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My website has always had a centre aligned header logo with menu to the left and login nav to the right. I just popped by the site and noticed the logo has moved to the left and the nav is all over on the right now. And, my very important footer block is entirely gone! Footer is still there in the back end though.

Funnily enough I checked out the squarespace template I used 'little comet' and its demo also has these changes! A few hours passed by and the demo site for Little Comet is back to its usual look, but my site is still kind of ruined!

I've tried manually shifting things in the back end to no avail.

Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions?

We're actually relaunching in 48 hours too so this couldn't have come at a worse time!!!


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Does anybody know if there is something going on at Squarespace at the moment that's causing the editor to behave dysfunctionally? 

I manage a one pager website for a wine import co. with black backgrounds on header and footer. 

I just had to log in today to edit some content, and to my surprise the header background is now white, and no amount of resetting it in the 'edit this section' dialogs will get it back to black. Nothing worked. Resorted to loading a black logo so at least the site shows a logo at the top. 

Additionally, the site footer with contact details is difficult to edit - every time I make a change, the page shoots back up to the top, so I have to scroll back down to do any more work.

But the worst is the footer disappears after saving the page and exiting the Editor.

When going back into the Editor, the missing footer reappears, only to disappear again after exiting the Editor.

It's missing on the live site now. 

Anybody have a clue of what is going on at SS? I doubt the problem is my Macbook Pro, I've restarted it just to make sure but the behaviour in SS continues while everything else on it is functioning fine. Including another web CMS I need to use for editing other websites.


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When I was editing the pages today, I found my navigation bar disappeared. 73277787_ScreenShot2022-11-11at12_53_34AM.thumb.png.398b8cf72a3c16c3e79218449ab06c47.png

However, when I entered the edit mode, all the navigation bar work as normal for all the pages.


I checked the website several times, and all the navigation bar only appear when in the edit mode. Then I found out the navigation bar is not disappeared but all changed to black and hided. I am pretty sure I've setted the color as pink.1714065103_ScreenShot2022-11-11at1_08_18AM.thumb.png.274a60c257c70f15c2893d479cf4b6ab.png

I am very confused right now. Can anyone help me?

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