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My blog isn't showing more than 30 blog posts...help!

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Site URL: https://www.linaforrestal.com/

Hi everyone! I am stuck on a problem with my blog page. It isn't showing more than 30 blog posts and I have many more than 30! It pulls the most recent 30 blog posts and you cannot see the rest. There is no see more button. 

It's happening on all of my blog pages. On the screenshot, I select display 30 items on one page.

I swear, there USED to be a "see more" button but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. Does anyone have any leads? I tried searching everywhere but can't find a solution. Thank you! 

It's this page specifically: https://www.linaforrestal.com/lifestyle-motherhood (but its happening on all the blog pages)

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 7.36.59 AM.png

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Blogs have a max of 20 posts on a page. Blog summary blocks have 30, but you can chain them together on a page and have as many as you would like. (there is a trick to making this work using category filters) I have over 80 on a single page broken down by category and some categories have over 30 by themselves. You can see them here:



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On 10/7/2022 at 12:39 PM, linaforrestal said:

I am stuck on a problem with my blog page. It isn't showing more than 30 blog posts and I have many more than 30! It pulls the most recent 30 blog posts and you cannot see the rest.

I see you're using a Squarespace 7.0 Brine-family template. On this template, an actual "Blog Page" - the one shown in the PAGES panel with an "a" icon beside the name - can show a number of posts on a page and will then shown pagination links to allow visitors to view more posts. This continues until they reach the end of the blog. If you previous used the actual Blog Page to display your posts, this may be why you remember seeing the pagination link(s).

However, the style options are limited on actual Blog Pages and I see that you're now using "standard" pages instead (these pages can be identified by the "paper" icon beside their name in the PAGES panel), to which you have added Summary Blocks to display your posts.

Summary Blocks are great for displaying posts in a layout that isn't available on the standard Blog Page, but they are limited to showing 30 items. There are two ways to display more than 30 items, one of which is free (but laborious) and the other which involves purchasing a 'plugin':

  • The free workaround is to add a series of summary blocks to the same page and use tags to choose which items display in each one. There's a support guide that describes this idea and how to tag the different groups of posts.
  • If you don't mind paying for a paid plugin, the better option is to purchase something called Lazy Summaries. It allows visitors to scroll through an unlimited number of posts using the Summary Block. No tagging or additional admin is necessary.

I hope this helps to explain.

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I can give you a quick formula for stringing blocks together, if you don't wish to purchase the plug-in that Paul posted the link to. 

First step is to assign a tag or category to your blog posts. These do not have to be displayed on the post. I made it simple when I first did this before i broke them all down into seperate categories and used a second blog page with all my summary blocks. 

Simply assign the first 30 blog posts a tag such as   1-30  and the second 31-60 etc. Then create a page (which can be a blog page)  in the unlinked section of your site and add two summary blocks to it, pulling content from your existing blog page with the tag filters. Frist blog filters 1-30, second 31-60. Remember to set the blocks for 30 items each. Once done, and you like the way it looks, put the summary block page in the linked section of your site and move your blog to the unlinked section. You can change the blog page url to something else and give your new summary page that url so visitors can find it, they won't know that it has changed actually. Need any help with this just let me know. 

If you wish to use categories and a menu on your site that becomes a bit more complicated to create but I can help you with that as well. 



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