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Images being over-cropped or not rendered

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Site URL: https://www.petersimonsonflydresser.com/phaseii/unnamed-streamer-ph-ii5

[Using SS 7.1 and for this particular page Fluid Engine]

The main image on this or neighboring portfolio sub-pages is often not rendering on mobile or, less frequently, on desktop view. This occurs both in the editor, and on "live" pages. I noticed this today, after I added two not-yet-enabled similar portfolios each with 20 - 25 sub-pages. Also sometimes the image renders, but is cropped oddly and occupies the lower quadrant of where the image should be located. 

If the page indicated (https://www.petersimonsonflydresser.com/phaseii/unnamed-streamer-ph-ii5) renders correctly when you try it, try shrinking the browser, or using a mobile device, or navigating to the next sub page (use the arrow thingies at the bottom, above the footer).

Each sub-page is similar, having one section containing, a background image (2500x2000 px ~500kB), and the following content, with 3 grid columns empty on left and right side: a title (HD2) in a text block, an image block containing an image (2500 px), of course automatically sized using "fit" to the block and aligned at bottom. A caption, really just a text block in Paragraph Text 2, aligned to the top (only way to keep it snug against the image), a text block containing information about the image (the recipe for the fishing fly in the image), I think aligned in the center.

Very simple, no weird spacing.

There are 3 enabled portfolios, the first two are using the classic editor, the last one "Phase II" uses the Fluid Engine, as do the two not-yet-enabled portfolios. Each portfolio has between 18 and 30 sub pages of similar design.

Why can't Fluid Engine just render this? Seems like a bug in the rendering/sizing engine...




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And another weird thing, is once in a while, when using the editor, and I select mobile view (device view) the rendering is flickering, as if the rendering is stuck in some sort of loop moving/sizing the image, then removing it and putting text up, and back and forth - never stops. 

I guess I need to send an email to SS support.

Rocketfire, were the pages working previously? When did you notice the problem starting?

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I can't remember exactly when I checked it last, but it was either last night or this morning and everything was fine. That, plus the fact that I'm not using CSS on any of the affected blocks, which seem random, leads me to believe the issue is on their end, but I've been wrong before.

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Also I am not using CSS or any code either. hmm.  I note another posting about a jewelry site ( Not all products showing?? - Pages and Content - Squarespace Forum ) is missing images of some products. That posting was created about an hour ago.

Not good. I just pushed out the announcement of new stuff on my site (the problem pages among them) onto social media last night. I won't have happy customers...


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Just for grins, I just did that. First rendering was no image, refresh page, no image, move off to another page, and move back, saw the upper left part of the image down in the lower right corner of the image block.


Looks like the bug is related to putting the image into the block. Appears it is the correct size but is putting the upper left corner of the image in the center of the image block, using the image block outline to clip the image. I'm guessing the computation of image location has a bug somewhere. 

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Same here. I am the jewelry page. 1/3 to 1/2 of my images are not being rendered on product pages. Just in time for a big show in 2 days lol. Mine do show on the editing pages but on the square space site and actual website, they do not appear. This first occurred last evening. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 5.34.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 5.34.06 PM.png

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I submitted a ticket last night. Got an email back from Squarespace this morning:

Thank you for reporting this behavior. I can confirm this was related to an issue with image blocks in Fluid Engine sections on our end. Our team was alerted to the issue quickly, and a resolution has been implemented.

About an hour after the email was sent I ran some tests. Appears to be OK on a desktop browser (Edge - current version). The Squarespace editor no longer was flickering, etc.

However my cell phone browsers (both Google app and Chrome) were still not working right. Even after clearing cache in both apps. I was disappointed. So I tried the Samsung Internet browser, which rendered the pages with images correctly. Hmmm. 

So just for kicks I restarted my phone. After that my Google App and Chrome App appeared to be rendering the page and the images correctly. 


So a word of caution, you may have to tell customers to reset their Android phones if you get complaints about not seeing images, which may happen if they looked at your web page and did not see all the images between say Sept 2 and today.

Did the previous respondents see the same results?

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