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Fluid Engine: Mobile Footer changes not isolated?

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My understanding with Fluid Engine was that changes made in Mobile View were exclusively changed for the mobile site. However, whenever I make changes to the footer in Fluid Engine for Mobile View, those changes are also reflected on the Desktop View as well.

Can anyone else confirm having this issue as well or know a workaround?

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Posted (edited)

Ah, I see. So even something like centering text within a block on the mobile site should be expected to be reflected on the desktop site as well? I would also expect removing blocks on mobile to only impact mobile, but that doesn't seem to be the case either. Removing/adding blocks from mobile impacts both mobile and desktop.

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Sadly yes. A bit give with one hand take with the other IMO. Gone is the beautiful and automatic mobile scaling across all screen sizes. Replaced by required mobile re-design but without the tools to do so effectively. CSS still needed to hide blocks, change text etc. 

And the tablet issue …

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, andrewbn said:

Removing/adding blocks from mobile impacts both mobile and desktop.

The mobile preview allows you to reposition and resize blocks for mobile devices. You can change the order in three planes - horizontal (x-axis), vertical (y) and forwards/backwards (z) so, for example, one block and be placed (hidden) behind or overlapping another block.

However, any changes you make to block styles or block content will affect all views. For example, if you change the text in a Text Block, change the background colour of a block, or delete a block, this will affect desktop too.  

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