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Website template scroller



Site URL: http://www.squarespace.com


Does anyone know how squarespace themselves achieved this? I've seen it popping up on other sites, square refresh even has a plugin as well that sort of achieves this - but im keen to know if i can build this without resorting to too much custom CSS or programming as its on the SQSP main page even.


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5 hours ago, MrScribble said:

Does anyone know how squarespace themselves achieved this?

It was manually coded using Squarespace 7.0 Developer Mode

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Are you certain though - i've seen some sites pulling this off with what seems like some CSS fiddling and using lists or even summaries.

Maybe if i break it down in major terms, someone can aid me :D.

What i need is a section that acts like a portfolio page, meaning text links, when hovering over will change the background (this background should fill the entire size of the section).

This to me seems fairly doable without using Javascript or going into custom developer mode.

In advance, thanks 😄

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SS's website is a heavily customized version of a v7.0 site using DM as @paul2009 mentioned.

The particular effect you mention is not just a few lines of CSS. It is a combination of HTML, CSS and perhaps some JavaScript. I don't know about the JS as I haven't spent time diving into how they did it. A highly paid designer/developer spent a fair amount of time to achieve that effect. The effect is not available on a standard SS site.

Could something be cooked up that worked similarly to the effect on a standard SS site? Possibly. But it won't be just a few lines of CSS.

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