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Website review please

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Hi, we launched our website in October 2021 and all was going very well until about March this year when sales suddenly dropped dramatically. We cannot work out why this has happened. Would welcome any comments on the website if something isn't working as it should. Thank you

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Hi Hannah, 

If I were in your position and my website was selling well and stopped rather abruptly, the first thing I would look at is my analytics. If you haven't made any major adjustments to your website, I'd want to take a look to see if traffic has dropped off significantly and if so, from what channels (social, paid, organic), and to what pages or products.  From there, you should have a better idea of how to address the problem. 

If, however, traffic has remained consistent and your conversions (sales) have fallen dramatically, consider the usability of your site, and if you have made any changes recently to your overall navigation. 

Hope that helps and best of luck wth everything 🙂

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