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How to build a news aggregator website (rss through iframes? javascript?)

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I have recently tried embedding my rss iframes from a 3rd party site that I use and insert it successfully into my website, but everytime I attempt to adjust the height, and set it to stack on another iframe or any other content, it adds scrollbars when responsive to mobile device sizes. I end up researching if i can auto adjust height with css, javascript, or in the iframe itself, but now I find out I may not be able to, due to cross-domain? Apologies for the tangent here...but it has been a long month researching this haha.

Question is, if I can't use iframes to build multiple layers of iframes in my news aggregator website, then how do I build a good news aggregator website in squarespace? I am trying to build a one stop shop for all news on my subject, so it will have articles sourced from other locations, youtube videos, ticker information, etc. Examples would be like yahoo, cnn, drudge report, etc. Any ideas of how to build this? I don't think templates get me very far, and those are more geared towards original content, instead of aggregation.

I also don't want to go to wordpress! I love the interface and ease of squarespace, plus when I dig into wordpress, it looks like I have to pay for so much from templates, to plugins, etc...So is it possible to handle rss feeds from a 3rd party (i pay for) and embed or somehow easily layout them in squarespace? Thanks for the help and guidance!!

P.S. I am very much a beginner at CSS and HTML, but I am willing to learn and research any advice given!

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iframe's as you've discovered are difficult to work with.

I don't have a specific solution to recommend. If I were to approach this I'd probably start with researching if there is a JavaScript aggregator that can be included in my site. Hopefully it would have some facility to control the presentation of items so you can integrate it with the look of your site.

Let us know if you find anything.

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Thanks for following up with me on this issue. I get the feeling like you said that JavaScript may be needed, but I just barely understand what is happening with css and html! Haha I have looked into RSS.app and elink, but RSS is one that is difficult to work with. I can import via JavaScript, so maybe I can try that instead, but I still trials of that I wasn't able to get their links to upload easily. I cns try it out though again. 


Any other suggestions or opinions on the best direction? Any help is appreciated!!

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I have some ideas rolling around in my head that I'd like to try out with your iframes. I can't promise any solutions but if I make any worthwhile discoveries I can pass them on.

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