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Issues with site login on mobile and devices

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Site URL: https://www.marleyshouseofsport.com

We run our logins via sentry login on our site which was easy to setup by copying their code onto a page and injecting code into the pages we wish to protect within accounts etc. https://www.sentrylogin.com/sentry/index_inner.asp
They are amazing for this purpose and I really recommend them. 
Anyway this has been running 100% fine for the last year until yesterday morning when suddenly clients have found themselves unable to login. What is strange is on a desktop computer you are still able to login fine however when it comes to mobile or device like an ipad clicking the login button won't cause the pop up box to appear it just does nothing at all. We checked with Sentry and they say they have changed nothing in the code their end. Nothing has changed on the site itself so that leaves only Squarespace.  All I can think is Squarespace has changed some of their code or something. 
If you use a mobile device vs desktop to go to www.marleyshouseofsport.com and click login on both you'll see what I mean.
Squarespace isn't responding to my questions on this and I really have no idea what else to try. If anyone knows of anything that might cause something like this that I'm not thinking of please please let me know. It's caused an absolute nightmare.
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11 hours ago, mhouseofsport said:

We run our logins via sentry login on our site. 

This has been running 100% fine for the last year until yesterday morning when suddenly clients have found themselves unable to login [on mobile devices].

I recommend that you reach out to the paywall provider again for assistance as you are paying for their service and I'd expect them to be very keen to help you to solve this issue. Squarespace cannot reasonably assist with this.

That said, I personally don't recommend third party "paywall" products for Squarespace because they do not truly protect content on Squarespace pages (it isn't technically possible for them to do so). These types of products only "hide" the content using a rudimentary technique that can easily be removed by anyone with a little knowledge. Of course this may be fine if you aren't sharing sensitive or personal information and you are aware that it works in this way, but I worry that many people don't know this. For them, Member Areas is a much better solution.

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There has never really been an adequate solution and member areas definitely does not provide the individual login solution in the specific way our business requires. Sentry was the only solution for us out there that we know of. Thankfully our accounts are free and do not hold personal information and we have other methods setup on the backend that web portal information that are well protected and controlled from elsewhere. It's maybe not the best approach but without access to better tech people it's the best we can do. I wasn't aware the sentry code on each "protected" page was so thin though so that is good to know. They do claim very good security and to be able to protect any page with their code injected into it so if what you're saying is true they have been more than a little dishonest with that. 

I have reached out to sentry who are looking into their code for a fix but I'm sure this will take a really long time. From others I have spoken with it seems the menu item code on mobile is now different from the desktop code of the same area which may have been a change Squarespace made to their template code that is breaking the sentry code. Like you say though I think Sentry may be the only ones who can (or should) help here. I don't know if even hiring someone to look into it is going to do any good.


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What is interesting is if I connect my iPad to my computer and use the "Develop" menu to inspect the code on my ipad side I can now click the login link and it will work as expected on the ipad. Of course this doesn't help clients any but it's interesting that it works at all. 

When I look deeper into it I can see the following errors are coming up.. but I can't really make sense of any of them. (*See attached pic)

Another thing I was wondering is that since the login works fine on desktop computers why can't I just use desktop view on mobile devices.. I figured that should work. Only it doesn't. Hmm.

I notice it's still not a true desktop view even when I view the desktop version of the site you still get the squarespace drop down menu on the side for the links (which seems to be connected to the issue). So my question is does anyone know of a mobile browser that will let me view the website as it would be normally seen on desktop (with the links across the top of the page)? If I could do that maybe it would work and I could at least in the interim direct clients to this work around. Anyway, any help or hints would be insanely well received.



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On 8/9/2022 at 8:09 AM, AdminAssist said:

Did you ever figure out this issue? I am now running into this problem as well and waiting to hear back from Sentry.

I helped a site fix this problem some days ago. If you share link to your site, we can take a look

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