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Phantom SEO

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Site URL: https://www.owlwoodstudio.co.uk

Hi there,

Hopefully someone can help.

I've found myself with some 'Phantom' SEO content and I can't find where it is hiding. My site is simple, however I have two home pages, one optimised for mobile.

My problem is if I search Owl Wood Studio in any search engine, I don't see my SEO content I've written, or at least not all of it. Instead I see my SEO site title, then my two pages, one is called 'About' and the other 'Let's talk'. Neither are using any SEO that I've written and the 'About' page appears as 'OK' in the search engine.

Can anyone help with where this mystery 'OK' is coming from. Perhaps i'm overlooking a text box somewhere or another field buried deep.

I should add I've indexed and crawled the site multiple time and it still pulls through a draft logo from a long time ago, so i'm certain I'm missing something somewhere...

Many thanks

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Hi Creedon, thanks for the reply.

Both 'About' and 'Let's talk' have blank SEO Titles and I've written separate SEO Descriptions for each.

What I can understand is where the 'OK' is pulling from, because It should only be populated from either the SEO Title, Page Title or SEO Title.

I'm at a complete loss.

There are no unpublished pages that could be doing it and as far as I can tell, I've covered the bases with Titles etc.

I don't even remember writing 'OK' anywhere on the site!?

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What I can understand is where the 'OK' is pulling from, because It should only be populated from either the SEO Title, Page Title or SEO Title.

If the SEO Title is blank, that IS odd. How about this. Enter something in, save, edit again, make blank, save. The idea being if there is some hidden text stored in the backend, hopefully that will clear it out. Give the search engines time to update.

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Hey Creedon,

I think we came to the same conclusion.

I spent a load of time deleting, renaming and testing on GSC and finally stated seeing results.

I have no idea which bit fixed the problem, but I'm getting better results in the search engine.

What was interesting was that GSC kept returning an 'URL is not on Google' message, so I have to live test then request indexing again.

My only conclusion is the site wasn't been indexed as I thought.

I'll post back when it's 100% but thanks for the help.

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Your branded search results page looks good now, at least from here: image.thumb.png.151af5ccee42d5d41eee405f5a0cb528.png


One suggestion, to avoid confusing Google — you mentioned having a separate "home page" for mobile devices. It would be ideal to drop that .../mobile page and use some CSS to adapt how the homepage displays on mobile devices. Otherwise you have two, duplicate pages, and there's no easy way to enforce the .../mobile version being displayed for users on mobile devices anyway. 

- Ed


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Hi Ed,


Thanks for taking a look and for the suggestion.

It does bother me having two separate Home pages in all honesty, so I'll do some digging and look into making the universal page.

Annoyingly, I thought I'd got it all figured out and then I got a Redirect Error in GSC...! So I'm back at figuring out a new problem.

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