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Blog link for multiple categories or tags?

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Hey! I've been tasked with finding an answer for this question, and I have yet to find one. Essentially, we have a blog with many categories. They want links on the main page to a specific category, which I figured out how to do... however, they want the OTHER link to be for EVERYTHING else.

Does anyone know if that's possible? Thank you!

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14 hours ago, ChrisHuntsinger said:

they want the OTHER link to be for EVERYTHING else.

You can have a link to "everything" but not to "other" unless you've explicitly categorised those posts with an "other" category 🙂

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I have a blog with multiple categories, each with a link and yes you would need a link for everything else if those posts with cats are not part ot the "everything." take a look at my blog/story page. There is a category drop down menu, a long page of posts which are under one of those cats and some special ones on the Nav bar as well. Browse my site, and if your interest is peaked,  I can give you suggestions on how to do what you want to do.

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There is no particular minimum number of categories. And most of the cases, you'll often require between 5 and 10 in order to correctly organize your post and make your site simple to read.


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