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Adding category tabs on web pages



Posted (edited)

Site URL: https://www.tailorinc.co.nz/our-projects

Hi there, 

I would like to investigate ways in adding category tabs on 2 pages of my website. 

Is there a way that I can categorise each content with specific keywords and set a tab so that my viewers can see the specific contents that they are after?  I would love to add something like the below (in yellow) where I can add category links for my "Our Projects" and "News" pages. 


If this is possible, please advise the steps for me to implement for my future updates. 

Thank you so much!


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Hey there!
Yes, you can archive this by using a BLOG (or EVENT) module

Here is an example( artists categorized by genre) :

or here:

Using it for real estate rental:

I also did a more exotic approach with using the shop module on our own site:

They all use a BLOG module  where you can got to the post settings > options and add categories and tags to each entry.

then use the SUMMARY  to display content by applying filters....
There are definitely a few options to discover in that case. You can test it with your existing NEWS page

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Hi @ArminB

Thank you so much for your response and tips, I love the examples you've shared and love how they all look!

For my blog page - https://www.tailorinc.co.nz/news all the posts are set with categories via the Settings - Options - Categories option you've mentioned. The same keywords are used as Tags as well. 



I am unsure where I can find the SUMMARY filter you've mentioned? 

Secondly, my projects page - https://www.tailorinc.co.nz/our-projects is not set as a blog post. In order for me to set a category filter, would I need to redo this page with a blog template? Or is there another way I can do this whilst keeping the format I already have?

Thank you so much.

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3 hours ago, Youjinahh said:

Hi @tuanphan

Yes please 😞 

Still unsure how to set this up!

Click tab >> Open a new page or filter posts on current page?

Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours. 
Or send to forum message

How to: Setup Password & Share url Insert Custom CSS - Page Header - Upload Custom Font - Upload File - Find Block ID - Contact Customer Care

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On 5/16/2022 at 11:51 PM, Youjinahh said:

I am unsure where I can find the SUMMARY filter you've mentioned? 

you have to create a new BLOCK called SUMMARY anywhere on your website and use the settings to display your preferred results


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