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Youtube shorts URL not working

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About a month ago, I started having issues uploading YouTube Shorts to the blog page on my website.  According to the help desk, this is a known issue with no fix date.   I am quickly running up against my storage allotment, and I don't want to be charged extra for video storage - this is a feature that was working, and now it's not.   I was advised that there are no workarounds that will help me - video blocks won't work because this is a Blog page.   Looking for a solution that doesn't involve paying for more storage.  



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On 12/21/2022 at 10:32 PM, Ryne said:

If you right click on the video in Youtube and click copy video URL, it will do so without the short format and then you can add to Squarespace.

This worked for me! To clarify: from your YouTube dashboard, click "View on YouTube" on your video, and then right-click the video to pull up the following options. Click "Copy video URL" and then paste the URL into the Video Block in Squarespace.

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 4.57.09 PM.png

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Hey everyone

I still experience the same issue even though I follow your advice. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do?

As seen in the first screenshot, I get an "error" when I insert the YouTube link that I copy when pressing "share" -> "copy link" on my YouTube short video. Furthermore, the gallery page on Squarespace states "invalid video embed" as seen in the second screenshot.

However, as seen in the third screenshot, I have made sure that I have pressed "allow embedding" on the YouTube video. Furthermore, I have tried inserting the standard YouTube URL to the video and the "share" URL.

What to do?

Squarespace 1.png

Squarespace 2.png

YouTube settings.png

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Hey again

Okay, it now works for me, and I want to share the solution in the hope that it will help someone else 🙂

I followed this advice:
A short video URL has the format: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/<Your VIDEO_ID>
But normal YouTube videos have the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<Your VIDEO_ID>
It seems Squarespace can't locate the video if the link has a /shorts/ in the URL. Maybe Squarespace is programmed to be compatible only with a "watch?=v" URL. Therefore, you do this:
1) copy the YouTube web address URL
Important: Do not right-click on the video to "copy URL" or copy URL through the "share" function. These two methods add a "?feature=share" and a "si=1O7hxUt1usAD_py2" to the URL respectively, which Squarespace can't use.
2) Paste the YouTube web address URL into a new browser and change the URL into:
I paste it into a new browser window because it is a little more convenient than changing the URL inside Squarespace's menu.
3) copy this modified URL into Squarespace, and it should work
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Hey @homiee

I know this is an old thread, but I just experienced the same issue with trying to embed a YouTube Short and thought I would share what worked for me in case it helps anyone else out.

Instead of using a video block I used an "embed" block.

Then get the sharing URL link of your short from YouTube and replace the text "short" in the URL with "embed".

Then paste that into the embed block in Squarespace.

That's what worked for me anyhow. I also used this successfully inside the "additional info" section of a product page.

Hope that helps.

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Here's how I got it to work: 

1) Very important: Play the short in YouTube, click "Share" on the right side of the video, and copy the link. This is a different link than what you'll find in other places. 

2) Paste the link in the Video search box in Squarespace.  You'll get an error, that's ok.

3) In the link you pasted, delete everything from the question mark and beyond. It's not needed. https://youtube.com /shorts/ypSbqqdiG28?si=SS4ENjJ0qZZFmTgw

4) Replace the word "shorts/" and the slash with watch?v=

https://youtube.com /shorts/ypSbqqdiG28?

https://youtube.com / watch?v=/ypSbqqdiG28?

5) When done it should be like this (Note: there are no spaces in the link, I put a space after .com to prevent the short form embedding here in the directions):  https://youtube.com /watch?v=/ypSbqqdiG28?

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