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DNS codes from Squarespace site

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Site URL: https://www.profane.co.uk

I can't access my DNS codes on my squarespace site.

I have connected my domain name from a third party (Go Daddy) which is saying "connected" and coloured green under Settings>Domains> on my Squarespace site . I took a screengrab of the Squarespace DNS settings when they flashed up at the point of connection.

Although google have verified it, I am having trouble getting google to index it  - at present the Google search console says the  URL is not on google and suggests there is a "redirect error". I've waited days, way over 72 hours.
Page fetch - redirect error

I need to check squarespace DNS settings to see if there is anything I need to copy and add to my domain providers DNS.
Troubleshooting videos suggest I need to add the long code under "host" and if that doesn't work amend the TXT records... but I cannot access the squarespace DNS records in the first place to get this information?   

Each time I look it up I am told to go to Settings>Domains> highlight domain> DNS records on my site but the trail stops after Domain>primary??? The screengrab of DNS settings that I took at the time of connection does not display the long code. 

Can anybody help me - I realise there are a few issues here. Have emailed squarespace but no response in two days? And bot keeps on sending me troubleshooting but I fall at first hurdle i.e. you need those DNS codes from squarespace to effect any change. 

1/ Need to find DNS on squarespace for my site

2/ Need to get my site searchable

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32 minutes ago, Knave_girl said:

I can't access my DNS codes on my squarespace site. I have connected my domain name from a third party (Go Daddy) 

That's correct. If you had transferred your domain to Squarespace you'd be able to view and edit your DNS settings on Squarespace, but you have connected your domain to Squarespace which means that your DNS settings are still managed on GoDaddy. You'll want to login to GoDaddy and check/edit settings there.

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Hi @Knave_girl - for issue number one, it looks like your domain is pointing to your website successfully. If you want to double check, when you look at the DNS records for your domain in GoDaddy, you should see 4 A records pointing to the IP addresses Squarespace specifies, a CNAME for www that points to ext-sq.squarespace.com, and another CNAME for a random string specific to your site that points to verify.squarespace.com. When you connected your third party domain, Squarespace will have added those records automatically when you authenticated your GoDaddy account, so it's unlikely there's anything more you need to do there so long as the Squarespace > Settings > Domain menu shows the domain as "Connected".

For the second issue – getting Google to index the site – that can take much longer. First Google has to "discover" the site, then get around to "crawling" it, and only then will it potentially decide to "index" some of the pages if it finds quality content. Once some pages on the site are indexed, they can potentially be shown in search results.

The best things you can do to move this process along are:

  • Verify your domain with Google Search Console
  • Add your Squarespace sitemap in GSC
  • Use the Request Indexing feature to politely ask Google to pay attention to the site 🙂
  • See if you can get some quality inbound links to the site from other websites that are already indexed by Google. Don't pay for spammy, low-quality links though!

Then you just have to wait ... it can take a while for Google to index a new site.

Hope that helps,

- Ed


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Hi @edharris  @paul2009 and community

I have had an email from Google search console this morning - which is progress - never had one before. Unfortunately it identifies that I have Coverage Issues and says the following errors are found on your site:

Redirect error

This suggests there is actually a problem and it's not just a waiting game. I have come to the end of the line with things to try.

I have connected my domain from Go Daddy and not transferred it , any suggestions on next steps?





Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 11.12.14.png

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On 4/3/2022 at 6:16 AM, Knave_girl said:

I have had an email from Google search console this morning - which is progress - never had one before. Unfortunately it identifies that I have Coverage Issues and says the following errors are found on your site:

Redirect error

From the table marked Details in the GSC screenshot it looks like you already started validating a fix to that error?

I ran a quick crawl of the site and the only error I see is on this URL: https://www.profane.co.uk/shop/mothers-day maybe check what's happening there?

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